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  1. yup natively. the once from hobnobber's github seems to be what i need. thanks
  2. Ok, that was what i thought. thanks for the clarification
  3. Hi all anybody know of or has written a utility that can calculate the hash of files on the atari? regards prsym1
  4. Hello Mr Atari I was just wondering if the address of the sector routines are still the same (BSIO, DSIO etc). I was aware of the sectors vs clusters difference (not necessarily understand hehehe). I will bother you with those questions later thanks again, prysm1
  5. probably more of a question for mr atari, but just in case... I am trying to learn more about dos for the atari, so was wondering if litedos-se is still compatible with this book? https://www.atariarchives.org/iad/ regards prysm1
  6. thanks. that helped and thanks for the validation. I have not investigated other terminal programs yet. I just started with mr atari's terminal because its tiny and comes with a rverter driver. i am connecting to the bbs mostly testing only. using a stock 600xl and a sio2arduino type interface. I will look around for a different terminal. regards prysm1
  7. hi all what does the bbs software looking for when deciding atascii vs ascii? Ive been using mr atari's tinyterminal to access the bbs' but i am only able to get ascii mode regards prysm1
  8. cool thanks, i visited amis8 a couple of times. very cool.
  9. ok, which ones are the most active to explore? also are there any MUDs that works with the Atari?
  10. is there a bbs to atariage forums gateway or something?
  11. Hi all I am bit confused with all the rhandler available. Is there a 850 or prc rhandler that loads from disk and not from rom? Also what sio commands does the atari 850 use im thinking status, read and write sectors? Regards Prysm1
  12. Thanks for the info. Too advance for me
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