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  1. You may like to inspect this too: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/261463-c-or-assembler-for-game-development/?do=findComment&comment=3690336
  2. Boot the attached disk in Basic. Then RUN "D1:LABYRINT.BAS" It works in GR. 3+16, but you can easily change that to e.g. 7+16 and adapt the coordinate limits... (Edit: And "stack" size...) DasGrosseSpieleBuchFuerATARI-D1.atr
  3. No hard work. Interleave Antic D and E to get 144 lines:
  4. Actually you can do that: https://fold.it/
  5. The first one sounds like a broken version of the "Lotus III"-title music:
  6. No, sorry. At some point of the development I came up with an more ambient tune for game play which even would go along the SFX, but Fandal decided against using it.
  7. Trigger/Fire-Button (?) (And just to mention it, you can find the original of the title music here: )
  8. http://flop.atariportal.cz/index.en.php On side B you can find "Dizzy" - where I had again the pleasure to collaborate with Fandal. Have fun!
  9. ...and the interesting thing is, that this is vice-versa true, too. (Don't even have to take RastaConverter images for that...)
  10. https://github.com/cc65/cc65/blob/master/libsrc/common/memcpy.s
  11. Those two words don't really fit into one sentence. Do they? Why do you care at all?
  12. https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/34658-are-my-autoit-exes-really-infected/ Edit: If you don't like to use the compiled exe, you could also install "AutoIt" and execute the script with: AutoIt3.exe cmdrmt.au3 ARGUMENTS...
  13. Not anymore. Ok, I was too curious, so I've tried to build a small AutoIt script. Result "cmdrmt.exe" is attached: * put that into the RMT folder where "RMT.exe" is located * takes two mandatory arguments: INPUTFILE OUTPUTFILE (where INPUT file is the "normal" RMT file and OUTPUT is the stripped version) * all paths (also feature file (see below)) have to be absolute! * optional arguments: /SFX -> sets SFX toggle before export /ADR ADDRESS -> set target (hex-)address (default is 4000) /f FILENAME -> create feature file * argument info is displayed with "/?", "/h" or "/help" Of course the script could be enhanced to support other options or operations. So I've attached the source. Please note that the operation sequence currently breaks, if e.g. RMT complains about empty song line waste before exporting. So don't waste song lines or adapt the script to handle those situations too. Yes, the "remote control" is nearly 4 times bigger than RMT, but it's just the site the script compiler produced. (And who really cares...) Performed basic testing (Windows XP, 32 bit German), if you find issues, you may can try to bribe me... cmdrmt.exe cmdrmt.au3
  14. Watching this on the usual PC screens in this resolution you are right. But in respect to the screen dimensions back then, it is very readable. I mean, we played adventures, where the screen looked like attached... ...and even that was readable... (and we were younger... )
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