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  1. I can tell you, that I will tell you not more than this...
  2. Yes and even he's fond of Commodore, he is very objective: (You will like that vid! ) Back to topic: I don't test my 5 1/4" very often, but hadn't any big issues regarding failures in the past. My favorite brand are the Memorex ones. Not that there are more reliable than others, but I really like that shiny, silver ring in the middle:
  3. So I asked "The 8-Bit Guy" where his new disks are from - and surprise, they are from https://www.floppydisk.com/ 😮
  4. You're welcome. BTW: What about the "kissing" sound from "Alley Cat" and the ghost eating one from "Pac Man"? Great SFX example would also be the "scary sound" from "Rescue on Fractalus" when a Jaggie appears or "screen-up", "screen-down" sounds from "Whistler's Brother", the screaming bird from "Spelunker" or the flushing toilet from "Mr. M"... ...and no idea how the SFX in "(Beyond) Castle Wolfenstein" is created.
  5. This is funny, as I remember their ad-slogan "Elephant never forgets". (I don't had/have them.) - Someone could ask "The 8-Bit Guy" where his source of disks is originating: Nowadays such stack of new disks looks quite impressing... (Edit: BTW: Is there any interest in an A8 port of PETSCII Robots?)
  6. Gossip: Telephone ring, "Hello", pseudo speech Encounter! smashing sound, enemy approaching sound (which is not static, but depends on distance)
  7. And of course "Pitfall II" for the most beautiful and colorful use of a single sprite:
  8. "Alley Cat" for SFX "Seven Cities of Gold" for parallel loading "Stealth" for clever color cycling "221B Baker Street" for PMG and DLI enhanced graphics as well as digi sounds "Schreckenstein" for separate scrolling in all directions "Bristles" for soft sprites "Joust" for flickering sprites "Gremlins" for overall sprite count
  9. Nearly all, or almost none. What is pushing the hardware to the limits? Having e.g. no CPU cycles left for idle? Nearly all chess programs fall then into the category. Take for example "Lunar Jetman": the screen clearing is a big unrolled loop to have an appropriate frame rate, but I guess nobody would put that title into the category... Making extensive use of all (base?-)memory, any graphic hardware (modes/PMG) and all sound channels, while having no potential left to optimize? There is nearly always room for improvement. "Wayout", "Capture the Flag" makes clever use of ANTIC but is in the PMG and sound department quite dull, and now? And not to forget "M.U.L.E." which uses the full potential of the 4 joystick ports of the A800. So IMHO this categorization doesn't make much sense at all...
  10. Actually the effect could be a lot more convincing, if a narrow playfield with matching horizontally scrolled content and PMG borders would be used... Edit: But that's what has been said above before...
  11. I don't have an IOS device, but what about "Frotz"? https://apps.apple.com/de/app/frotz/id287653015
  12. Just a guess, but it would be quite easy just to have PMGs looking like the screen and modify the HPOS register. The black columns introduced later (PMG data cleared) support this estimation.
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