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  1. Even more worse, if you use subroutine calls in VBI, you likey trash the stack pointer or other registers CC65 relies on.
  2. If you really like that gaming principle, you could give Gowno spadajace w dol a try. Came out a little bit later - so not really the need to create a somewhat better but similar game. So if I ever would use such background engine, I would create a different game.
  3. Being a part of the project, I can give you the answer: The coder lost interest to finish the project after creating the effect. Maybe he discovered that the game itself is not that entertaining...
  4. Not that I'm really deep into the subject, but isn't that the use case for bit 1 (serial input busy) of SKSTAT?
  5. That sounds very familiar to me! (I really feel sorry for the members who blocked you. This is so funny!)
  6. Wow! I'm enlightened! In ANTIC D a screen has only 3840 bytes. The quickest possible sequence to serve a byte for e.g. clearing the screen would be LDA #0 STA SCREENMEMORY+0 STA SCREENMEMORY+1 STA SCREENMEMORY+2 ... That's 15360 cycles. Now if I would this do for every frame (in PAL) i would only spend 768000 cycles for clearing the screen in stunning 50 FPS! It's so coool. I call this now 3.5 MHz mode too! Wait. If I would go ANTIC 4 the screen has only 960 bytes to be served. Clearing with an empty character would only take 3840 or in 50 FPS 192000 cycles! That's even better, I just discovered the 14 MHz A8 mode! 😁 Many games should go for that mode or even the ANTIC 5 28 MHz mode! One moment - isn't that what most games do? Sticking to character mode to have less screen memory to be served? I'm confused... 🤔 (Yes, I dropped the DMA penalty intentionally. Who cares, if someone else doesn't care that filling screen memory only wouldn't make a meaningful title. Remember the Stunt Car Racer discussion? Where setting up the screen memory is the minor part and all the more costly calculations have to be done graphic mode independently... and on the other side setting the colors in character blocks actually brings an advantage...)
  7. Albert is very well "constructed" around the A8 limitations. The level and baddies movement design have not a great degree of freedom to change that. You will either lose the colorfulness when moving things more freely or introduce color clashes/changes, while an object crosses a vertical color range. Or you stick to the quite limited movement patterns Albert already supports. Both titles you've mentioned make good use of the sprites and color-ram of the C64. (And then we haven't even discussed CPU/memory limits for soft-sprite design.) What Albert really shows is, that you can create a much better presentation, if you design something respecting the spec/strength of the machine.
  8. It's the same issue I've reported. Maybe you died on that position before? BTW: I would appreciate the level number in the status line.
  9. No. I'm referring to "none the less i discover a small bug in multiplexer - it's not get items(sprites) from queue in optimal way, so if we have 4 sprites in the same charline, in queue we have: sprite1, sprite2, sprite3, sprite4. On first frame multiplexer draws: sprite1 and sprite2 on second frame it draw: sprite2 and sprite3 (and this is wrong way - we should draw now sprite3 and sprite4). I think that fixed this bug can reduce flickering a bit.." from here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/116035-crownland-multiplexing/?do=findComment&comment=1401362 Like said, I'm not aware of any released version containing this change.
  10. Thanks for the new version! Plays better than the former one. I think I found a small issue: When you die while "picking-up" a diamond, the graphics remain on the screen, while the diamond cannot be fetched anymore. You can end the level anyway when continuing with a new character, as the diamond is accounted but the graphic is still depicted.
  11. Even more worse, that they have a version where flickering is better/fixed but AFAIK not released an update.
  12. Very interesting rendition indeed! I see the members of the "Cossack Patrol" distracted in pain humming on the floor! 😁
  13. Do you think the ratio on C64 or Spectrum is better? I wouldn't wonder if "quality" follows somewhat the Gaussian distribution. Why do you think it is system dependent?
  14. Hmm, if I understood the Polish comment on Atari-Online correct, the random direction change of the wasps has a high frustration level and make success a matter of luck. But since I also read that the game is still under development and will be improved, I don't want to discourage the creators but like to thank them for this unusual production and reason for discussions... 😉 ...curious in which direction Albert will evolve. 😀 - Another very colorful game, which astounded me back then (and isn't mentioned in the linked thread) is "Final Legacy":
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