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  1. Very nice! And quick. It just keeps getting better!
  2. Yup! That's what I'm using. Thanks for tweaking this! You're amazing! For the first time since 1985 I'm able to see my program work again! I'll definitely check out the Zoom meetings. I'm really getting a kick out of using the TI again after all these years.
  3. I remember that it took several months to get the first version working smoothly. I don't even understand a lot of the coding now. Thank you so much for looking into this, Matt!
  4. I'm going to take a look at the logs in the morning. I'm sure there must be something that can be done. Still gotta say that I'm blown away by the TIPI. It's genius! But for now I'm taking a break! Thank you, dgrissom!!!
  5. Yes! Works for me in Classic99 as well. I thought it would be very cool to see it run on a real TI again. That's what led me to buy one, add a FinalGROM, and then the TIPI/32k. And thanks for the prop! I designed the font used throughout. I think that's primarily what makes it look good. Now if I could only figure out this problem. Thank you for giving it a whirl!
  6. Here's the program I'm trying to run. I wrote it in 1984. The Italian TI-99 user group posted it recently with screen captures showing it running successfully. I've mapped DSK1 to TOOLS.WS, where I copied the folder containing the files, so the calls to DSK1 in the program will be able to find the other files needed to run it. (At least I believe this is the correct thing to do.) But it always crashes on line 220. WS.zip
  7. Well, dang! Even if I make the corrections and save the file the errant spaces return on their own!
  8. Newbie again! I now understand the directory, disk, and device structures and am successfully able to copy files to and from the TIPI. But most of the XB programs crash with file errors and when I list them I'm finding that spaces are being inserted here and there, causing the program to crash. For example: OPEN #1:"DSK1.DE",INPUT,VARIABLE 254 becomes OPEN #1:"DSK.DE",INPUT ,VARIABLE 254 (space inserted after INPUT). I can rekey these lines and get the programs to run successfully, but this can't be right. What's going on here?
  9. I'm still feeling it out, but getting more familiar with it. I do have TIDIR. But I have no Windows computers here. Just Macs and an HP Notebook running Linux Mint. I'm running TIDIR in DOSBox-X in Linux. It's a little strange, but it does work! After JediMatt's excellent info, I think I'll just be using the TIPI.DIRECTORY.PROGRAM method of loading programs on the TI. It does make a lot more sense than the DSKx method.
  10. I think I've watched every YouTube video there is on the TIPI. Maybe that's the problem. I need to take my time and absorb it all. But I just had a breakthrough, thanks to JediMatt, so I'm further on than I was before! My old brain matter isn't as absorbent as it used to be!
  11. Re: the smb://tipi/TIPI thing. For cryin' out loud! I had that configured already and hadn't taken a look at it. And you're right: there the directories are! I feel stupid. Anyway, thank you again immensely. I'm getting the hang of it.
  12. OKAY!!! Slowly but surely I'm getting it. I just managed to copy a TIFILE into DEV and was able to OLD and RUN it! Whew! I'm taking a break now. Thank you jedimatt42!!!
  13. I've watched that video twice already. Guess I need to give it a third watch!
  14. Okay, so my drive mappings in TIPICFG are DSK1=DEV, DSK2=GAMES, DSK3=TOOLS, DSK4=MISC. So how do I copy files into one of those from my browser, which shows only NET and TMOUSE directories? (Thank you in advance for helping a confused newbie!)
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