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  1. quote: Originally posted by liveinabin: Who knows, maybe they'll get into a spiralling price war and then we can buy all 3 systems Good guess! Nintendo Australia just reduced the price of the GC to $329 for launch! (Thats $177 US) Now there's rumours this morning that Sony will drop the price too!
  2. quote: Originally posted by MayhemUK: Being in PAL land makes this interesting. I have plenty of complete PAL games to trade for them if anyone wants them, or the usual substitute of cash US$ [ 04-19-2002: Message edited by: MayhemUK ] Hey Mayhem I'm after a lot of PAL 7800 titles, can't trade but can pay Can you email me at jnew@netspace.net.au if interested.
  3. quote: Originally posted by ozatari: hey jason is the cart you have for auction on the TNT label? thanx from ozatari Nah mate its the Atari label. The TNT label ones are pretty common, I have about 3 of them
  4. BMX Airmaster Atari version Well I need some money to fund more collecting, so please take a look at this auction. Rarity of 10 according to these very pages!
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