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  1. Thank you for your help all the way from Italy! I'm glad I joined Atari Age! Arcadeshopper had 1 copy in stock, and for a reasonable price as well! No picture posted, but I will hope for a clean label. Grazie!!!
  2. I'm in the U.S., but pretty sure the games are region free. And you are correct about Finalgrom, I'm not very tech savvy, and prefer the authentic original cartridges. I stay away from everdrives, emulation, etc.
  3. Had to recently get another Odyssey 2, because my old one had an issue of controller #1 stuck right. Not physically, but electronically. If you played Baseball, all your fielders would immediately run to right field, and pulling the joystick left would just stop them dead in their tracks. At first I thought I had a faulty controller, so I bought 2 NOS joysticks online and replaced the one with a new one. Same problem. Must be something on the PCB causing it. I'm not smart about the internal workings, so I bought a new console. Now I got 4 joysticks, and a "for parts" backup console. Any ideas whats wrong with it? I refuse to throw it away, maybe I can use it for parts down the line, but maybe it's a simple fix to get it working again.
  4. Just wanted to know if anyone here is interested in selling The Voice add-on. I don't care if it's boxed or loose, as long as it works. Seems they are few and far between on Ebay, and the ones that are on there are asking extortionate prices. Just putting out feelers trying to find one.
  5. Hi, just joined today. I've been a reader and an occasional buyer at AA for years, just never joined the forum. I'm a retro gamer that collects for over 30 different consoles, all hooked up and playable at any given time. I don't collect complete sets or anything, I just have shelves in my game room dedicated to each console. When a shelf is full, I'm maxed out on that console. So I avoid the garbage shovelware and pick just the games I want. Well I have one spot open on my TI-99 shelf, and I'm saving it for Rabbit Trail. Problem is, can't find one. I have one local game store that has an old box of TI games, but mostly the educational and non-game programs. Ebay is my only source. Currently there is only 1 listed, and it is a sealed copy that some idiot in France is asking over $400 for. I don't collect sealed games, I actually play them, loose cart is all I need. A few months ago there was a loose cart up for auction, but the label was badly damaged. If anyone here can help with either selling me one, or telling me where I can look, it would be much appreciated. I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong area, I'm new.
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