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  1. I've tried. I absolutely have no doubt that he is, but there is some other user "Dragonstomper" seems to be responding way quicker and helping me out so much unlike the fabled batari not checking my personal message, despite being online
  2. I see. I'm pretty new to Atari 2600 and judging by the regular cartridges loading up with no issue - i thought my console doesn't need renovation of it's components. The original power plug came damaged, so I ordered this one from Amazon and it seems to work fine: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N34QN7G If You think that one is bad, maybe I have to get this one?: https://console5.com/store/power-supply-adapter-for-atari-2600-and-atari-dedicated-systems.html I certainly did opened the console to clean the motherboard and other internals with alcohol and reassured that every contact on the board was intact. I did a little research and I found this kit of replacement parts for the light sixer: https://console5.com/store/atari-2600-total-refresh-tune-up-cap-kit-new-capacitors-and-more.html Do you think that this kit will solve the problem or there is something else that i need?
  3. I absolutely don't know what to do with this new Harmony encore that I've received today after two weeks of not knowing where it is. After carefully reading the manual 10 plus times it turned out the info was slightly outdated. I went to the support section of the Harmony web page and it lead me to AtariAge. I had to spend so much time reading through Atari forums trying to troubleshoot this absolutely user unfriendly flash cart! Turns out i had to install bunch of specific tools and drivers on my computer so that the eeprom could be seen by the software. I still don't know if this 1.3v software is the most relevant to use. Okay. Then it appeared that the mini usb cable had to be very specific. Only after my 3rd cable it was readable by the software. After everything was installed it was time to boot it up on a console. I use light sixer 2600 so console update was also a success. Later i added a folder full of games and the Harmony loaded them fine untill the 3rd reboot. Harmony didn't seem to boot up for 2 minutes. Then it loaded like normal for once. What happened after - reminds me some sort of a lottery game: i've tried to reprogram the eeprom, tried different sd carts, cleaned the contacts despite my normal atari cartridges loading up just fine. Nothing seemed to help. I've tried to boot up Harmony sooo many times that i have actually noticed a pattern that it boots up once every 20 times. I'm terribly sorry, but what the heck is this supposed to be? Does every user goes through the same procedure when booting up Harmony on Atari 2600? I actually fell so hopeless. It's not like i've never used a computer. I can manage to do some elementary modding. But this time there is nothing but trouble and frustration. I'm just a guy who wants his atari to have a magnificent flashcard full of exciting 2600 games. I'm not a hacker nor a programmer. I somewhat appreciate this product but why can't this be more userfriendly like everdrive... I really wish i could get out of this situation.
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