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  1. Yes, I've got it working, this is really cool. The XIO command did the trick. I've created the file on my Mac so I needed the LF conversion. The get it to work smoothly it needs a blank line at the end of the program. So now next I will try this: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=chunkypixel.atari-dev-studio Write Atari Basic code in Visual Studio Code push it to Github and run straight on the Atari.
  2. I appreciate all the help from everybody. I read the capitals as a humorous cry-out, so no offense there. And it's amazing to see the amount of functionality in the Fujinet, I also really appreciate the amount of time that has been put in there by the people behind it. Unfortunately I had to work till late today, so I did not yet have time to try to see if the XIO command solves it. But it's the first thing tomorrow (after breakfast 😜)
  3. Yes, that's really awesome! Will try this tonight, thanks Thom!
  4. Yes, I think that will be at least part of the issue. Think here maybe a solution: https://www.patreon.com/posts/fujinet-eol-in-n-36121369 but I have to figure out how to that in basic.
  5. Sorry, I renamed the file to see if that would work: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mveken/Atari-Basic/main/HTTP.LST Thanks for all the tips guys, I will try to see if I can figure it out!
  6. I copied the basic program on the internet and just saved it as plain text, but I guess that doesn't work. It's not working with ENTER either. I'll try some more tomorrow.
  7. Hi all, I've placed a basic file on github here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mveken/Atari-Basic/main/http.bas When I try to load this with the N: device in basic: RUN"N:https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mveken/Atari-Basic/main/http.bas" I get an error: ERROR- 21,NOT SAVE FILE I hoped this would work based on this video: Anybody any clue what is going wrong?
  8. I've created a small topic about the serial numbers on the 800:
  9. Also looked at the 400 numbers, these look even a bit more messy, but they translate basically the same. The type translates as follows: XXX = Type 050/051 400 PAL Europe BZ/BY 400 PAL UK AV 400 NTSC US
  10. Looks like Santa couldn't wait and already unpacked the Atari himself 😂 @mimo I think that earlier versions than mine contained cartridges such as Basic, Atari got "cheaper" along the way. I also think that the NTSC version contained a TV splitter that was not supplied with the PAL version, but I'm not sure about that.
  11. The "Calling All 800s!" topic got me interested in decoding the serial number(s) of the Atari 800, so I started looking if I could make any sense of it. I could not find a good description, so I made the one below. It is based on the owners list in the "Calling All 800s!" topic and divided in weeknumber/year periods. Hope this makes sense and helps other people. ==================================== Periods ==================================== 45-79 / 49-79 1: Y WW SSSS 04-80 / 16-81 1: [G] [??] WWY SSSS [??] 2: WW???/??? 16-81 / 24-81 1: [XXX] SSSSSS WWY [G] 2: WW???/??? 39-81 / 06-82 1: [G 16K] WWY SSSS 2: [G] [???] [XX]IIIIII[-16] MM/DD [L?? ?] 08-82 / 26-82 1: [XXX] SSSSSS WWY 2: [G] [???] [XX]IIIIII[-16] MM/DD [L?? ?] 28-82 / 16-83 1: [XXX] SSSSSS WWY 2: XXIIIIII MM/DD 16-83 / 24/83 1: FFF XX SSSSS WWY 2: XX IIIIII MM/DD ==================================== Explanation ==================================== 1: = Primary label 2: = Secondary label [] = Indicates optional part ? = Unknown SSSS = Case Serial Number IIII = Internal Serial Number WW = Week number Y = Year MM = Month DD = Day 16K / -16 = 16KB version G = GTIA chip XXX = Type 052 800 PAL Europe (incl. SECAM) BK 800 PAL UK AW 800 NTSC US CA 800 PAL Europe FFF = Factory 83S Atari Sunnyvale 83A Atari Wong
  12. I got my first Atari, a 600XL, during summer, so no Xmas memories there 😄 But it felt like Xmas opening the box of the 800 when I got it 😎 But I would very much like to know what should have been in that box to make it complete 😉
  13. Hi, new on the forums here 😃 This is my 800 PAL B 48K: Serial: 052 054884 Handwritten label: CA127602-1-5 Date stamp: 013 The number on the handwritten label matches the number found on the internals of the system. The system is boxed and in very nice condition. When I bought it the option button was "stuck" and it was replaced. I use it quite often and it works perfectly.
  14. Hi all, I'm new on this forum. I live in the Netherlands and I own a boxed 600XL, a boxed 800 PAL and lots of peripherals and games. The 800 is a beautiful machine and works perfectly. It was boxed when I bought it a couple of years ago, but it only contained the system. I've already found a C060497 International owners guide, but I was wondering what the rest of the box contents would be. I know this later PAL version had a different content than the earlier/NTSC systems. Perhaps somebody has any pictures?
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