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  1. Yes, you can. The TI that I have that is working with the FinalGrom does not have it. I ordered one and am waiting on delivery. There are some games that require 32k but the device tself doesn't.
  2. Yes, the blinking does stop when I press the left button, it just never shows in the list on the TI, just TI Basic. I do that on the other machine and its fine, just not this one.
  3. Ok, thanks for everyone's help, here is what I've discovered so far. First off with the unit on and under load, the power supply is +5.23, +12.04 and -5.03. So they seem fine though the +5 is a little high. I took out the 90 degree cartridge adapter and it was very dirty. I cleaned it with 99% isopropyl, sprayed Deoxit on the connectors and the MB connector. However still no joy. All my other cartridges work fine but the FinalGrom still never shows up. I then tried bypassing the 90 degree adapter and plugging the cartridges into the MB directly (I checked and cartridge bottom traces face the rear of the machine) and nothing worked then. I just get a continuous tone no matter what I plug in there. But if I put the adapter back in regular carts work again but still no FinalGrom. I turn the TI on, press the left hand blinking button on the FinalGrom, and all I see show up is TI Basic. So maybe it is a timing difference etc between my 2 machines but at least 1 TI works fine with the FinalGrom. Guess I know which one is the spare.
  4. Thanks, I'll try checking the voltages and try cleaning the cart port. I used the same external supply to check both TIs but the internal supply could be the issue. One question, is it possible to plug cartridges directly into the board connector and bypass the 90 degree adapter for testing? I would think so. Maybe I'll try that when I open it up to check the voltages.
  5. FinalGrom noob question. I just purchased a FinalGrom99 and I have an issue. The cart works fine in one of my 2 TI's, no issues etc. However it never shows up on the list after boot in my second console. It is also a silver and black model, (both are), and NOT a QI board, I'm aware of that issue, and all of my other carts work fine in that unit. But the FinalGrom doesn't show up. Is there a different firmware version in the older motherboards or is there a chip/pin issue that FinalGrom uses that is causing this problem? Again other TI/FinalGrom unit is fine and works well and regular cartridges work fine on the second machine, just not the FinalGtom. .
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