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  1. It’s a glitch…I finally paid attention to what was actually causing the meter to move. There are not enough Scorpions to kill to complete Level 39. They have the meter count just a few too high or the Scorpion count just a few too low. I am trying now to not let any Scorpions get past…but…I’m thinking that won’t matter anyway. That the number of Scorpions stays the same regardless when killed & the meter is just off by a few. So you are never able to finish the level.
  2. Thinking I should put this separate as well…less scrolling…edit…I see that doesn’t matter. I figured out how to have “None”(nothing) on the screen…I did it multiple times for Level 39. I played for over an hour…the timer cycled back to the beginning…and started counting again from zero. I am going to finish Level 40 and then go back to Level 39…to have it be the end with nothing on the screen…but I don’t think that will be it. I think there is a glitch not allowing Level 39 to be completed…something not registering.
  3. I’m on the last 2…have been for quite some time because I wanted to do them in exact order… anyway…I thought I had the 39th Level figured out…and I had multiple times with…nothing…on the screen. Played for over an hour…timer cycled through and started over again…I am talking 5-10 times with everything off the screen except me??? Now I’m wondering if I need to finish the 40th Level and go back to the 39th and get everything off the screen…nothing left(none) on the screen? I’ll give what I did…if anyone wants to know and wants to try to do it but in an alternate way or something. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s try at it…but(it didn’t complete it…it should have) there’s nothing else to do…like I said…nothing was on the screen multiple times. Thinking this 39th Level has a glitch that doesn’t allow it to be completed…maybe?
  4. Article states the founding year wrong…June, 1972 is the correct date. So 2022 should be a very big year for ATARI. I see big tie-ins with worldwide companies that will have fun with the nostalgia. I see ATARI being used promotionally like Star Wars before The Last Jedi decimated Star Wars…yeah…that big.
  5. Any new information…really just mostly curious about the release date? Also…by chance any screenshots or information on Breakout: Recharged? I’m hoping it will be mostly a vertical play game…a few horizontal Challenge Levels fine…but hopefully not the majority of the game.
  6. Have you looked at that guy’s system’s ATARI games? ATARI has made money for games that look mediocre or worse…and may never see the light of day…fine by me. You have fun with those…Missile Command is way too squished together & horizontal Breakout…I’m a vertical Breakout player…sorry. I’m looking forward to Asteroids: Recharged & Breakout: Recharged after already owning the awesome Missile Command: Recharged + Centipede: Recharged + Black Widow: Recharged the later 2 which have exclusive content on ATARI’s own system. I’m hoping that ATARI doesn’t do the horizontal Breakout at all…but it “might” be part of the Challenge Levels which will ok but I definitely don’t want it to be most of the game like that guy’s system’s version. What other ATARI games will be on that guy’s system? I just hope ATARI received most of their licensing payment upfront. Edit…I forgot about the controller…using the touchscreen for both those games I mentioned…I assume. It’s going to be godawful…sorry.
  7. What I’m saying is a monsoon of ATARI “everything” that drowns out that guy’s project aspirations. Not specifically tied into ATARI VCS-800 sales…just him not being able to effectively get the word out about his nostalgia play while navigating in ATARI’s wake. Sorry.
  8. I know Mattel fans & the super cool don’t want to hear this…but…I think the tsunami of tie-ins + licensing deals is going to be off the charts for ATARI’s 50th Anniversary year. That other guy’s project is going to be swamped by it…sorry…what can I say or do? Again…he needed to get his system out before 2022…or now maybe he should just wait until 2023. Why…??? Because I see tie-ins from McDonald’s to Frito-Lay to Coca-Cola to basically everything wanting to have some fun nostalgia in 2022 which will also help with their own bottom line. This type of thing would not work with that guy’s project…never…not enough impact on not enough people. This is going to be worldwide as well…because ATARI has had a worldwide presence that touched all 4 corners of the globe. Hope for yourselves & that guy’s project that it is much smaller than I am thinking it will be. Or…hope his project can get a bit of oxygen & traction while the storm rolls through in 2022 and that it can make it into 2023 still breathing and not on terminal watch/life support. I’m jokingly being serious.
  9. Everyone have a GREAT rest of the day…including the super cool.
  10. Yeah…it’s like anything…there’s no point in discounting until you have the numbers in place. FYI…The Forbes article talks about a 50th Anniversary VCS-800* Bundle…??? I would link to it…but it doesn’t want to let me & my device at this time??? Anyway…that is as Macho Man Randy Savage would say… SWEET!!!!!! Also…I’ve wanted that Centipede: Recharged t-shirt…so…done + done + done + a couple of Christmas gifts…done. *the edit
  11. I definitely think the needing of more systems in place, ready to hand to customers…is the reason for not pushing more sales at this time. I think very shortly there will be sales discount &/or extra perks(online store voucher(s)…t-shirt voucher…free controller or free extra controller) with purchase. I believe that ATARI sees this as a system for all ATARI fans throughout the world & will be getting it to them is a financially sound way for their benefit & fans benefit as well. The other guy trying to have a worldwide release from the beginning…🙄🙄🙄…a “Running Man” before walking business move that could jeopardize Mattel fans’ hope for their 2nd Flasha…I mean that kiddie/hyper(scan) casual gaming system. Also…sorry if this offends anyone including the super cool.
  12. It was released in June of 2021…maybe you didn’t know this fact? I never said sell millions…I talked about the potential nostalgia buyers and that didn’t mean all of them would buy ATARI’s newest system just that the pool is vastly larger than that other guy’s(meaning Mattel’s “1” console name from the ‘80s) nostalgia play would/could ever be from a historic perspective. Just is what it is…and I provided the reasons…the whole 10 Flashbacks vs. 1…4 Flashback handhelds vs. Zero…multiple arcade/console/computer/handheld systems that touched 10s of millions of more lives…just some basic facts that can’t be denied by even the super cool people.
  13. Actually…this is where Mattel fans can talk about a new endeavor from a guy while not conversing about that “thingy” with the guy or his fans…I think?
  14. Or in this day & age…should I have joked… ”Vindicators: Recharged”
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