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  1. After a broken transformer on this Inty 1591, I created a new power & Solarfox avmod pcb. The Laptop psu and DC converter replacement route works without issue. Replaced the 2k trimmer near rf modulator with 2.2k and replaced both trimmers on the video board. The composite is now bright and rather excellent. Converters set to 5v, 12v and adjustable -2.4 which under load drops to -2.12 - Converter swapped VO and Ground for neg voltage. Minimal ripple. 19v = unregulated and feeds 12v 12v feeds 5v 5v feeds -2.1 2.1 feeds 5v needed as unregulated 5v tapped from V-In So it's not too much of an issue if you cannot get a transformer & with the Laptop psu being driven via native mains, rather international.
  2. Saved and fully functional with a CS400K and 48k Ram Mapsoft but different revision and wiring needed than the faulty 48k on here. Inductor replaced Ram card and resistors 3 faulty ram Ic's. LS42 & 138 replaced. Swapped 7805 & 12 for dcdc converters. Pal Atari 400. Model : 400 U 16k Atari / 431 050 005961 85-16 10/16 L40 P
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