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  1. Just make your own or get someone to do you an EPROM, probably cheaper. If you have C on hand there's no specific reason to develop using A or B. If it's existing software you're using and not modifying then it'll likely be stable in A and B - most of the pain from B comes from the type-in stage, A isn't far behind in that sense.
  2. The NTSC palette is actually better, AFAIK doesn't have the PAL problem of colours 1 & 15 being clones and has a better representation of the prominently red colours. But whatever way you go there's problems. Colour 4 is nothing near red on PAL and colour 10 is nothing near blue on PAL. And when the source is from a PAL developer it'll often not look right in NTSC.
  3. If it's homebrewed then likely it's B or C. There were known fixes around for some bugs in A and B before the official ones rolled in so possibly there might be other variants of Basic around.
  4. I tried the 2008 one in various configs and it crashes every time.
  5. Problem is, it needs all the vertical res it can get, and really there's no benefit to be had running it in a GUI.
  6. You could do something that takes the password and creates a 16 byte key from it. Then do some simple operations like XOR and carryless rotates on the data.
  7. Yeah, something like that. And have options for full mono and varying levels of cellophane overlay. The backdrop as done by mirrors could be done as a VBXE static backdrop (also switchable)
  8. Strange that one input failing would affect the other. There's 16 bits of IO which should be independent of each other. According to the schematic there's inline resistor per line and an inductor and cap for each also. The default input is 1 and I think that is by way of internal pullup resistor. Even stranger is if it's failed by being applied to GND since that's the way the controllers work anyway so it's not like you were doing something wrong.
  9. 224 x 256 resolution. It could be done in narrow mode 256 x 240 such that the AR is preserved and most of the display is present. Arcade uses about 32 lines for score/status stuff which we could condense down a bit to compensate for the less available vertical resolution. It also uses a scabby 2 MHz 8080 so a line by line translation would probably work without slowdown - though of course graphics mapping is probably different to a big degree.
  10. It's a lacking area. Pretty up the graphics and next we're changing gameplay elements and the resemblence is almost lost. What's needed is something that's close in gameplay and look. And if it's just monochrome with green shields then all the better.
  11. The terrain looks much more realistic. But that introduces a problem - watch the guys approach the ship, regardless if going up or down a hill they're always standing vertically. Though getting the animation right for that sort of thing would be pretty hard, even modern commercial titles struggle with it.
  12. The spurious stack push at the start is probably valid - the OSes do a LDX #$FF / TXS as part of the reset routine so it's likely the 6502s all have an indeterminite stack value at that time. The IRQ thing though is still very strange. The OS clears the hardware registers before IRQs are enabled, so you should have a black background before any IRQs can occur.
  13. exFat is way different from FAT32 and probably not supported. Normally FAT32 can't be formatted to more than 32 Gig in Windows. You could try partitioning it. Also there's the SDXC standard that came later on in the life of SD cards, not sure if SIO2SD supports that either. Which could be problematic since it's pretty hard these days to find low capacity SD cards.
  14. Looks good, surprised we took so long to discover it. What'd be nice is the option for extra features like different alien ships, ground based mobile guys that shoot at you, and make the space docking sequence manual where you have to locate the ship and steer into the bay. Though it's been going a long time and seems to have had a pause of some years between releases.
  15. XOR isn't really due to space issues - though with more space you can do unrolled and further optimised softsprite routines. The general reason for XOR softsprites is performance, you don't need to do the save/restore process to preserve the background.
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