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  1. Atari Basic has the very powerful function in that you can easily do moves and insertions where other Basics require the entire string to be reconstructed. Also, most traditional Basics only support 256 character strings - though for normal string functions that's usually plenty. The useful functions of LEFT$ MID$ and RIGHT$ aren't there but can be simulated with a little bit of work. The big weakness though is INSTR which performs a search for a substring. Without resorting to assembly you'd have to perform a walkthrough loop to see if the second string exists which is a lot slower. The other "weakness" is that porting programs becomes harder - most other Basics do strings the same and need no change to their operations.
  2. The aspect ratio problem is because interlace is disabled - if you enable interlace it should look right. But then the problem of frame blending emerges and it just doesn't look right. Generally I just use an intermediate re-encode and double the vertical size to make it right. The scrolling text looks to be going 2 hires pixels per frame by my estimation. An advantage of VBXE is we get "proper" fine h-scroll.
  3. Looks good - just need to check it out in emulation (real hw later) - the scrolling text looks a bit chunky in movement but I assume that's just YouTube screwing with it.
  4. In theory a 1064 should work on an 800XL with +5V mod - given that it disables internal Ram.
  5. It'd be for custom modifications (e.g. add chroma to 800XL) and 3rd party hardware addon/modifications like Ram expansions, IDE class devices etc. Standard hardware problems should stay where they already are, in the main 8-bit forum.
  6. 8A = 138 which is a timeout error. Usually because a drive isn't connected, trying to access wrong drive or bad cable. "at 004" unknown, maybe sector 4. Generally a bad sector will give an error 144 (which in hex would be 90).
  7. Sounds good - and it could be populated with old threads for the likes of VBXE, Ultimate 1 Meg, SIDE, IDE +2 etc etc. Just for easy retrieval sake when I need info on such items, it would make finding it a whole lot easier. Some related software development could probably go there as well. And the sale threads for when production runs have occurred or will be happening.
  8. There's methods to embed short routines but generally you want it to be something relocatable or to be copied to it's intended run address. For a routine that's just called once you can embed it within a USR function, like: 1000 R=USR(ADR("hSJHWRUY*&") (note, meaningless "assembly" routine there) A potential problem with ML embedded in strings is if you have values 34 or 155 which are quote and RETURN. A string within a DATA statement can contain quote marks but not the RETURN character. The added downside to reading from DATA is you then have 2 copies of the same thing in memory which is wasteful. Another alternate could be to just read the routine from a seperate file but that's only practical for disk based programs.
  9. The E: margin settings make no difference when ENTER or LISTing to a different device - they're only of help when actually typing in or editing the program.
  10. Not sure if they're still around but for a time there was a postal pack for AU$16 from the US that was pretty good value, I bought stuff like a bunch of cartridge boards from an AtariAge member. Which isn't too bad considering it costs almost the same to send a parcel from one location of the east coast of Aus to another. Can't say I've had dealings with any of the store type sellers other than AtariMax - I've bought things like extra Antic and other spare chips but it's usually been eBay or individuals here. Where we are getting screwed lately seems to be the GST on anything incoming and the postal times seem to have bloated out, used to be 8 days from China but now 3 weeks or more seems the norm.
  11. Control codes shouldn't be an issue. It might be a line length problem. Using abbreviated commands or eliminating spaces can produce longer lines that can normally be entered and sometimes they have problems being ENTERed back in. You could check and edit any long ones by using that technique to shorten them.
  12. Generally extra spaces are stored as such in native editors so with programming on the Atari it was general practice to go easy on them. The E: device has the nice feature of settable TAB positions though once your line numbers grow the extra digit that can go into disarray. The done thing these days though is cross-platform dev + emulator to do test runs. The productivity increase is massive - consider even something like Mac-65 which might create several K of code per second but then you have to run the thing and once a program gets beyond a certain size you'll often not be able to do a run in the same environment as the edit/assemble which means a reboot or sneakernet to a second machine. On the other hand, you can do an edit, assemble and call up emulator for run in a matter of seconds. Find a problem, fix it and be going within the minute. Savings along in a day's coding just from quicker assemble/run/get back to edit in the order of a couple of hours. Then on top of that asset creation and program editing so much quicker and easier with PC-based tools.
  13. Half the fun of MULE is the skullduggery. Make others suffer but yourself the winner and help the colony overall. It's one of the rare games where the gameplay and technical merit are present and the polish is worthy of any modern day commercial title.
  14. I do believe that with Mac-65 you need to use .OPT OBJ to get an assembly to memory where with the Atari AsmEd cart it's the default.
  15. 1. On Atari I can't really name one. But I bypassed a lot of strategy, adventure and dungeon crawlers though aside from the AR games which I played almost endlessly, we didn't really get many good games like that. 2. A few obscure ones like Java Jim, Drelbs, and others which don't come to mind. 3. Koronis Rift. I disagree re RoF, and think the gameplay is good and has repeat value though more complexity would have been nice. Koronis Rift, IMO an exercise in frustration with clunky combat controls and the trading/upgrade system is just a pain to endure and learn. Tech merit I'd give it 9/10 vs contemporaries, probably 7.5/10 if it was released today. As an ongoing game concern I'd grudgingly grant it a 7.
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