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  1. RIP. Not really a fan of any of his products (only ever used a ZX81), but he brought affordable computing to millions and helped shape the industry, even in places where Sinclair didn't have a lot of sales.
  2. Thanks - it seemed to have a bit of a problem working in Altirra - I had to fiddle around to get the joystick input going even though the fire button was fine. Yeah - a bit lacking. But in those days we had a bare fraction of the resources and knowledge going around now.
  3. Pretty good. Do you still have the one you submitted in the day? Obviously if it was in Basic it would have been lacking compared to this release but it'd be interesting to know what they rejected.
  4. That top listing is just visits or downloads I'd say. They only seem to have a top 25 ratings on the main game page. The problem there is it seems to take years for anything new to obtain any prominence - just look at the glaring omissions such as Bosconian, Scramble and Ridiculous Reality to name just a few. In fact, only 2 games released in the last 20 years appear in that list.
  5. No point really. Even though the hardware is the same, for any given program you'd need 2 versions. Generally hardware references are absolute or absolute indexed - in theory you could write a game to use indirection and be compatible with both but it'd be a chore. Then you have the cart slot difference - in theory I guess you could have a passthrough adaptor on the 5200 where you insert the 8-bit cartridge. You'd probably need a resident Rom on the passthru device which started up then passed control to the computer cart. So, with much trouble and effort you could make a game that worked on both but the extra expense and effort wouldn't be worth it. You'd probably need several or more games before the owner started to realise a money saving.
  6. Probably but with simplified physics like terrain and digging at a character level. I downloaded it and did the first couple of levels so probably plenty of stuff I didn't see.
  7. Those devices both work the same - 2 bits per axis on the joystick representing each axis with a grey code. The ST mouse and 7800 sticks are only partly compatible though - the second button goes to a paddle input but it doesn't generate a value. I'm fairly sure there's a mod around for one or both that involves a resistor change that makes the button detectable but still remains compatible on it's original machine. The Amiga mouse also works the same but for whatever reason the bit assignment is different so it's not directly compatible. There were aftermarket mice available for Amiga/ST which had a switch so the proper encoding would be sent to the host. I've not dived into the trakball code in these games but it's fairly likely it's only doing one sample per frame. For more precision you'd want multiple samples. IMO probably the best method would be to do the sampling multiple times during the screen draw then combine and process them during VBlank.
  8. That's also where I got stuck - though I did have unlimited lives enabled.
  9. I don't think so - fairly sure all of the patched in print capture/virtual devices in emulators just do simple Ascii, or at the most will capture the raw data as text but not do any print processing on it e.g. to produce bitmap, resized or custom characters.
  10. http://www.atarimania.com/utility-atari-400-800-xl-xe-pronto_13693.html There's a dump of it at Atarimania. Looks to be 1.8 like yours but the other number (serial?) is different. Without documentation (and possibly supporting disks?) it's usefullness might be limited. OK - it seems to want to dial into some external service, maybe a bulletin board or server. So yeah, I think it might be special interest value only and not a usable product.
  11. I tried multiple and they all worked and that's with PAL input which surprised me a bit. The resolution being pushed is hardly taxing on a modern LCD monitor, so long as it's not one of those shitty TVs they sold in the mid 2000s that were like 720x480 and is something like 1280x768 or better then it should be fine.
  12. I can only do an NTSC C64 in emulation. In either system on 1 SID it's just playing 1 note and seems stuck. On NTSC the screen is distorted. Fair chance it might be PAL only. There'd be a degree of CPU usage offscreen. In theory the tracker stuff should be able to run in the display area, but from what I've seen by running it, yet another program that doesn't care for NTSC.
  13. Like I posted, it's a music piece with static picture. It's using sprites in the border which allows more than the C64 stock 200 scanline limit of displayed graphics thought the bulk of what can be shown outside is sprites. I'm not sure what the upper limit is. The default Atari situation is 240 scanlines but we can use the hires as last displayed/scanline 240 bug to allow displaying PMG objects in the remaining scanlines. I would guess the C64 probably allows using close to all the possible 312 scanlines. The 288 scanline thing (or 240 with NTSC) - that's just a specification that assumes a "TV safe" area where you're fairly guaranteed most of it will show. It's entirely possible to generate a PAL or NTSC analog display that uses all except the few scanlines that are required for VSync. ed - as for the picture that's showing 293 or whatever scanlines - I'd say quite obviously it's and emulator screenshot. But that said, entirely possible a TV could produce the same.
  14. That picture is part of a recent music track "City Noir" (triple SID track) https://csdb.dk/release/?id=207643
  15. One of those USB Y cables that allow using current from 2 ports could be handy. Generally laptops and older PCs will only supply the reference 500 mA and boost to maybe 1 Amp. Some newer desktops will allow double that to satisfy power hungry modern phones.
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