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  1. I just got 5 st ports.in the mail today cant wait to ply them.
  2. This youtube vid is great im so sad that i was hard up for cash and i sold this one to him.🥺 Glad to see that it made it to him in good shape. I had showed a loaded jag with cd it it at 2 jag fests/midwest gaming classic. It was a nice case.
  3. Yeah i just seen that. If someone wanted to part with one we could talk. Also I think that Jag is gonna work cause he didnt have a cart to test it with. I was in on bidding but went to high for me.
  4. Astropuff

    Fixed jag

    Is the anybody out there that will fix a jag that does not power up? Ive.got atleast 1. Thanks
  5. Hey all im looking for a jaguar rental case. Not sure what they r going for but looking to spend maybe 100 bucks plus shipping. Thanks
  6. That sucks dan if u can come and not bring anything i could.bring 2 jags tvs. Yes the batman tv. 1 cd and some games. I just cant be there to watch it. I also have some st ports that should be here by then. If intreasted i.can bring some stuff if someone can babysit.
  7. Is anybody doing any kind of jag fest this year. With some of the new stuff out and st ports this would be a good time to do it.
  8. Hey i just want to tell u guys this is great ive got 5 st ports ordered. And i cant wait to get them. But slow down on the realeses tho lol i only got so much cash and i want them all. Ive been away from the jag gor a while and getting this new stuff is awsome. Thank u guys.
  9. I will offer 55.oo shipped to 53105. Thanks
  10. Very nice nuon system no games but does have a remote control. I havent used it as nuon game but dvd works great. Some one make me a good offer and its urs. Ill try posting a pic later.
  11. I dont have a price in mind i know its heavy and not gonna be cheap to ship. Just want it to go to someone who will use it. Throw an offer
  12. Boxes arnt the best player works good looking for the remote.
  13. Boxes arnt the best player works good looking for the remote.
  14. Jaguat extremist pack 4 box is in pretty good shape disc has never been taken out. No idea on value for this so we will start at 100. Obo
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