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  1. Sorry for resurrecting an old AF thread, but I need to point this out: All the PC Engine version does is spruce up the on-screen colors (It gets the job done much better than the SNES 'remaster' anyway), because the background scrolling...ooh boy, it gives you a headache. They could've handled the port in a more competent way
  2. Given the recent release of Attack Of The PETSCII Robots, Puzzle Bobble and Sonic The Hedgehog, do you think more games will require a Commodore 64 or a REU expansion? If we see more NES/arcade ports, the extra RAM and DMA would help for sure. But I'm honestly not sure if the Commodore aficionados will jump the gun and buy expansions just for some homebrew (I mean, PowerPC Amigas are a thing...). Your opinion on the matter?
  3. Hell yeah! Can't wait to see the "Developed with the original game's creator" label on the box 🤣
  4. Okay, I'll start learning 7800 Basic right away. I deserve a medal when I'm done porting the first game though 😅
  5. I think there's already enough original homebrews on this platform...just kidding, maybe 😎
  6. The first 5 games are still 'playable' if you actually use enough brainpower, and who said the port(s) need to be faithful? It's possible to lower the difficulty in multiple ways and add some QoL improvements -Maybe as an alternative mode-
  7. Probably, and you're right on 6502 UCSD Pascal needing a lot of RAM. But the problem could be solved with a mapper which also functions as a memory expansion
  8. I sure hope so, otherwise it wouldn't be true Wizardry 😂
  9. I've just looked it up and found that there's a version for the 6502 (Microprocessor used by the Apple II, NES and Commodore 64, as we all know)
  10. Hello, everyone! I've recently read Hardcoregaming101's excellent retrospective on the Wizardry series, and I had learned one of the first 5 games was planned to be released on the Atari 8-bit computers (I don't remember the exact game, though). After that shocking discovery, I began wondering how Atari 7800 ports of Wizardry 1-5 might turn out. The dungeons would obviously be rendered with black and white lines -Unless you want to give them textures, but even that would be difficult-, same with the HUD, so we could go with either of the 320 modes. Monsters and items would be 16 colors, but still leagues better than Apple 2 and IBM PC's hopelessly primitive graphics. Sound would not be a problem either, as the TIA is an improvement over PC speakers, so no POKEY. At least, this is how I'd imagine these games on the console. Tell me if you agree with the choises, or would you change anything?
  11. Yes!! Karnov was one of my favourite arcade games when I was a kid, and the NES version even improves on it. It would be great to see someone tackle a 7800 port with better colors
  12. Obviously, people aren't gonna force you to pay 30-40 dollars for a ROM. It's not a box with manual and cartridge lmao
  13. I'm happy to see this will be a thing (hopefully) soon. I don't have any Atari consoles, especially since they're hard to come by in Europe, so it would be amazing to buy a ROM and load it up on an emulator
  14. ZylonBane acting like a toxic twat? Nothing new to see her
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