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  1. ccc---


  2. Got a complete Stadium Mud Buggies now. First post edited. Please message me if you got something for me :-)
  3. I'd take 20. Those could be shipped together with AtariBuffs if his haven't been shipped yet.
  4. Removed some games from the list in the first post :-) *bump*
  5. Got eMail too! Great news!
  6. Got K-Razy Shoot-Out First post edited. So the last game remaining for a full set is - Bounty Bob Strikes Back ... maybe someone has a complete copy for a reasonable price or trade? Oh and a Zenji manual.
  7. Finde ich nicht. Mir persönlich macht die G7000-Version gleich viel Spaß wie das Original ... wirklich! Der war allerdings gut (Insider, auch schon einige Jahre her) ...
  8. Wäre interessant, wer den Bericht und wer die Antwort auf mein eMail geschrieben hat.
  9. http://www.classic-consoles-center.at/videopac/robot-city-released-on-cart-as-videopac-71
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