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  1. I got Rescue on Fractulus twice. First time was the alien was in the ship. Second, I spotted green helmet, so didnt open the door. Then got the attack on the windshield. I had no idea the alien was a thing. I got the alien the next time by going to the mother ship and turning on shields the moment you see them. Cool to kill it on screen.
  2. But that Defender cab is so wrong. You should have gotten the Defender Partycade. The joystick layout would have been Defender all the way.
  3. I'll just pop in the 2600 version of Defender Arcade.
  4. I'll have to go with the OG CC2. 16 years of use can not be topped.
  5. Didn't anyone pay you for those PoKeys? I have a Priority box full of partial BallBlazer carts with PoKeys. I just paid shipment costs.
  6. Have you looked at the motherboard? Check if this has the 16 ram chips. Look at the brand on all 16. If you have one off brand and 15 Michron Tech chips, the ram is the problem. It would be intermittent and only in certain situations, but reproducible.
  7. Looks like european adaptor. The list only applies to North American adaptors ~110VAC
  8. This 64K 600xl is a factory or distributor upgraded 600xl sold in Canadia. Don't ask me why Atari did that. I have a boxed version somewhere in my closet. As you are from syrupland, I assume you are from land of maple syrup or at least adjacent.
  9. I would almost care, but my Moon Alien cocktail used ask my desk gets me my galaxian fix. I may have to pull out my 7800 for another Bob game.
  10. I got so bored of the game I played to kill those Pterries. Try it. Can be fun when you grow tired of playing normally.
  11. I was hacking an adaptor to use on my wife's blinds. This is what I found around the house. After putting it together it looked so familiar, I checked my 7800 power supply. I guess we know where the molds went. Even the polarity is the same.
  12. This is my arcade panel made into a Joystick. It is way fun in Robotron. Can also connect other joystick and trackballs into this joystick.
  13. My off the shelf replacement was paper clip. cut into shape of 90 degree bend and put it back in place and solder the in just the pin that broke. Fast and I didnt need to get a replacement SIO port.
  14. I am still around. I will have to dig the Canadian 64k 600xl out and make some more pictures. I have the corresponding box too.
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