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  1. I got so bored of the game I played to kill those Pterries. Try it. Can be fun when you grow tired of playing normally.
  2. I was hacking an adaptor to use on my wife's blinds. This is what I found around the house. After putting it together it looked so familiar, I checked my 7800 power supply. I guess we know where the molds went. Even the polarity is the same.
  3. This is my arcade panel made into a Joystick. It is way fun in Robotron. Can also connect other joystick and trackballs into this joystick.
  4. My off the shelf replacement was paper clip. cut into shape of 90 degree bend and put it back in place and solder the in just the pin that broke. Fast and I didnt need to get a replacement SIO port.
  5. I am still around. I will have to dig the Canadian 64k 600xl out and make some more pictures. I have the corresponding box too.
  6. Almost Rice

    Almost Rice

  7. I picked up a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro for $35 after my 30% discount. It is missing battery, ssd, and power supply. I got it working by removing the CMOS battery and installing a 1TB 850 EVO.
  8. on the edge, you can cut a millimeter or two off the edge. It will get you a part is less oxidized.
  9. I got this monitor back in 2010. I got it because it could do PAL.
  10. Coleco Adam system. I remember my little 10 year old mind just dying to have one. Good thing we never got one and they disappeared so quickly that I never got a change to get one.
  11. Wow, should sell mine. Been too busy to install it. I thought these were less than $100 new. $255 looks pricey to me.
  12. I have a few from BallBlazer carts. LMK how many you need. Had to reply instead of PM since your inbox is full
  13. hehe, I got a 40" free in 2012. I threw it out in 2014. It was freaking huge. bump for Houstonian.
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