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  1. hope its not your last CRT, gotta have one around for light gun fun -Jubal-
  2. here's an older topic where some of use discussed some of the ikea options available http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?a...=0#entry1218462
  3. I was about to suggest the timex sinclair 2000, until I double checked and realized it never left the prototype stage heh http://www.nvg.ntnu.no/sinclair/computers/timex/ts2000.htm -Jubal-
  4. hmmm wonder if this is one of the things that Curt has been hinting at =)
  5. how about that 3 prong one for gameboy stuff, what is that one called? thanks! -Jubal-
  6. Jubal


    PMed -Jubal-
  7. another update, thanks for all the help so far! bump
  8. my SegaCD version 2 does use the genny 2 power supply. with the CD units there are bad reports of third party power supplies blowing a segaCD, always read the label to check the polarity make sure the one you want to use is correct, even if it is a genny 2 power supply I have head the segaCD lacks a power inverter/converter and explains some of the dead ones you find out there can anybody confirm that? I forget where I read it. -Jubal-
  9. http://www.segaxtreme.net/content/manuals/Systems/ Sega CD model 2, US version of the manual hope this helps some -Jubal-
  10. Based on the condition of the box, manual and warranty card - I'm pretty sure they're extra stock from the 90's. Note - the condition isn't bad, just feels old. I wrote him/her* back to say thanks and they wrote back to say if I needed anything else to drop them a note. Would you like me to PM their email address to you? * email at one point said David, last one said Amy. Possibly it's a couple of people involved. thanks for the update! congrats on your minty new/old system and PM for the email address -Jubal-
  11. that is pretty much my definition of what is "retro", not available in the chain retailers anymore =) for the term "classic" I feel it needs to be pre-crash, the NES feels almost on the fence to me there is questions of generations, I like wikipedia's breakdown http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_game_consoles -Jubal-
  12. half.com its part of ebay, but you dont have to do the whole bid outbid thing. shipping charges are all standardized, and you can pay with creditcard just like with amazon prices are not a steal but you can get most ya want there. -Jubal-
  13. thats cool I have wondered about this, been considering getting one, but being the seller being based out of china has made me a bit weary. I would be very interested in your experiences with em, post and let us know when it arrives =) -Jubal-
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