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  1. Both of the Soviet games seem to be a form of Mickey Mouse, the Red border one I believe is just called Mickey Mouse where you catch eggs and save chickens, the other is a similar game except instead of playing as Mickey, Mickey is the one throwing the eggs.
  2. The Game & Watches are going fast it seems! But here's what's left!
  3. I'm not sure what you mean? I haven't received an offer on the bundle yet. As the ad states I am open to offers , but an offer has to be made to know whether or not it's in the ballpark?
  4. It's actually not too bad and Im willing to help with shipping in most cases with pricing alone. Just sent a bundle to California!
  5. Good Day, I recently came into quite a large collection of collectibles including; Mattel, Coleco, Tiger, and Other Electronic handheld games from the 80's up to the early 2000's. I have done a couple of deals already through AtariAge so I figured I would post the majority of it up here first, to see if there's any additional interest before I start piecing it out on eBay. I have posted a few pictures for reference but I may have more, I still have a large Tote of Handhelds Games including even Nintendo Game & Watch that I haven't cracked open yet so if there is something you are particularly interested in or hunting for, Let me know! I am open to offers on everything, DM me and I am sure we can make a fair deal! Shipping is available and will be calculated shipping out of Alberta Canada. Any questions please DM me! Thank you everyone!
  6. LiveQM

    Atari xl Ontario canada

    I have an 800xl if your still looking!
  7. I have an Atari 800xl if your still searching!
  8. Not sure if you are still looking but I have one of these, I'm sure it works, believe it has games. Let me know and I'll send over some photos!
  9. LiveQM

    WTB: Atari Portfolio

    Still looking for one of these, I have one in box it appears. Let me know!
  10. Not sure if you are still searching for any of these but I have a a fairly large collection of these. Is this the Dungeons and Dragons one you had?
  11. Hello M.E.H Brotherhood! I just came into quite a large collection of Mattel, Coleco, Tiger and a few more handhelds Was just wondering if anyone out there was looking for anything in particular! Let me know. Thanks!
  12. Hello! Sorry I know this thread hasn't been updated in a while but I came into quite the collection of Mattel, Coleco, Tiger, etc. Handhelds and I was wondering what your input would be on these: They are a re-released from 2001 but I have boxes of them, Basketball, soccer, baseball, football. What is the value on something like this?
  13. Sounds good, thanks for the input everyone!
  14. I realize this forum post is a little old but, I found an entire box of these Electronic Games Magazines in a collection I recently picked up. Do they hold much value? Many of the ones on eBay seem a little more... "expensive" than I had expected. Haha. Thanks!
  15. I just found these as part of a large collection I purchased!
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