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  1. Evidious


  2. I can not express how bad ass it looks Michael!
  3. i don't know if this is it. its the closest i could find Ultra-Font (19xx)(Cuz Feeshe Software Developments).atr
  4. Just a Suggestion mytek but maybe you can try a place that does trophy engraving for your front panel label?
  5. I finally got my boards put together and the work perfectly! Thanks Scott! And thanks to DrVenkman for the step by step instructions on how to program the ATtiny85!!! -Bobby
  6. Finally got these together and buttoned up, Thanks for everyones help with assembly and setting it up!!!!
  7. I have three boards and I picked the bad one. Only I can do that Again I appreciate all of everybody's help..excuse me while i crawl under a rock and hide I will check the board to see where i made a mistake
  8. I have 3 XEL-CF boards and I switched it to another one...look what i got
  9. it's still hanging, I am using the firmware.rom to update the firmware. is this correct? I tried using xel.rom but it says the file is to large : expected 64k Thanks for your help MacRoie.
  10. Thanks for the patience and help flashjazzcat. the flashing procedure I understand it's picking the correct file I get wrong I did what you said in the PBI BIOS and Hard Disk menu it now hangs on this screen and will not go any further and i sent a screenshot of the setting i have in the menu
  11. that sadly was me that flashed it in the first place flashjazzcat. Building it was easy for me,the software part I am unfortunately not very good at. With all of your help i am getting closer as you can see. I still cant get the part to fdisk the CF Card it says no APT devices found. I am sooooo close again sorry for being so dense and thanks for the help
  12. My apologies for the delay. Work has been a nightmare. This is the screen shots of the setup I have I have three adapters and the all exhibit the same behavior Thanks again for the help Gentlemen
  13. Bios Ver 2.00 plugin ver 1.14 SIDE Loader 2.00 The cable orientation is correct card is formatted at FAT16
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