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  1. any way i can purchase two cases for the controller?
  2. both switches up,but it fills the whole screen with A off and B on its a Seiki Monitor/TV , I will try it on a Plain PC Monitor when i get a chance
  3. The green light blinks on my board blinks.Is that ok? Other than that it looks great!
  4. https://hackaday.com/2019/10/24/retro-hardware-plots-again-thanks-to-grbl-and-esp32/?fbclid=IwAR1QohVD1G3qC_Ytg4zeGMhj46INZITnh6gEo-XQL81OMfcMB3YbdE8Hp9E
  5. Evidious


  6. I can not express how bad ass it looks Michael!
  7. i don't know if this is it. its the closest i could find Ultra-Font (19xx)(Cuz Feeshe Software Developments).atr
  8. Just a Suggestion mytek but maybe you can try a place that does trophy engraving for your front panel label?
  9. I finally got my boards put together and the work perfectly! Thanks Scott! And thanks to DrVenkman for the step by step instructions on how to program the ATtiny85!!! -Bobby
  10. Finally got these together and buttoned up, Thanks for everyones help with assembly and setting it up!!!!
  11. I have three boards and I picked the bad one. Only I can do that Again I appreciate all of everybody's help..excuse me while i crawl under a rock and hide I will check the board to see where i made a mistake
  12. I have 3 XEL-CF boards and I switched it to another one...look what i got
  13. it's still hanging, I am using the firmware.rom to update the firmware. is this correct? I tried using xel.rom but it says the file is to large : expected 64k Thanks for your help MacRoie.
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