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  1. Rest in peace Curt. Condolences to his family and friends.
  2. Is it a good idea or bad idea to replace the 12v and 5v regulators with more efficient Switching regulators? I was wonder if anyone had any thought on this
  3. Any information information would be great Karl. The only Information is what I typed in from The .doc files on my US Doubler Disk -Bobby
  4. Sorry,I meant dine out only Scotty,Thanks Mr. Fish,I do have the installation manual. Just no info on the U.S. Doubler. -Bobby
  5. Hi Karl; Thanks for your help! I have the Installation Manual but not the actual operating manual for the U.S. Doubler by ICD As far as i know but i could be wrong it's different than the US Duplicator. -Bobby
  6. Since my job is closed for the next few weeks and the bars are closed and the restaurants are dine in only I have a lot of free time. I could never find the Manual for the US Doubler it's probably out there but I can't find it. So I typed in all the files from the .DOC on the disk. If any one wants to add,correct,proof read, amend, and update it and make a PDF and post it please do. I used notepad++ to type it in US Doubler Manual.txt
  7. any way i can purchase two cases for the controller?
  8. both switches up,but it fills the whole screen with A off and B on its a Seiki Monitor/TV , I will try it on a Plain PC Monitor when i get a chance
  9. The green light blinks on my board blinks.Is that ok? Other than that it looks great!
  10. https://hackaday.com/2019/10/24/retro-hardware-plots-again-thanks-to-grbl-and-esp32/?fbclid=IwAR1QohVD1G3qC_Ytg4zeGMhj46INZITnh6gEo-XQL81OMfcMB3YbdE8Hp9E
  11. Evidious


  12. i don't know if this is it. its the closest i could find Ultra-Font (19xx)(Cuz Feeshe Software Developments).atr
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