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  1. That's a different auction, when one ends eBay says "We found something similar" and shows you another one. Unbelievably the $750 one actually sold. ($500 is crazy too).
  2. I was browsing sold listings and spotted this, I'm at a complete loss. What was the buyer thinking? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Commodore-64-Personal-Computer-Mint-In-Box-Complete-/253857439360
  3. The VCS heavy sixer had been my dream console. The first 2600 I ever played was my uncle's 4-switch Vader in the early 80s and I finally got a light sixer of my very own a few years ago which was pretty nice, but this is the model that I've always wanted. I'm so happy to finally own one, and everything on it works like new. NTSC/PAL/Sears/Special: NTSC Serial # (Ex: #54035V or #007649): 43519N MFG Location (Sunnyvale, Taiwan): Sunnyvale (Owner/AA Member), Banquo (Location= City, State, Country): Kentucky, USA A/B Channel Slot (Yes/No): Yes A/B Channel Switch (Yes/No): No Functional (Yes/No): Yes Previous Owner: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The only thing that made me really sad was when I got it home and discovered that heavy sixers will not fit properly in the 2600 travel case.
  4. I'm not an expert but it sounds like it could possibly be a bad RIOT chip.
  5. I don't know if anyone really did that back in the day, but now there are lots of popular recipe sites online so I guess it finally came true.
  6. Banquo


    I loved Pac-Man on the 2600 when I was a kid. Yeah I knew it didn't look or sound like the arcade version but I didn't expect it to. It was fun, that's all I cared about. I enjoyed E.T. also and I still don't think it deserves the hate it gets. There are so many far worse games on the 2600, some absolutely terrible, so it always makes me wonder why these two get singled out.
  7. Sounds like the same issue with my first light sixer, the second controller port was always firing. Turned out to be a bad hex buffer chip.
  8. I had a Colecovision so no, but my cousin did have a 2600 that I played a lot. He didn't have Adventure though. I finally got it for the first time just a few years ago.
  9. Here's a picture of both of them; the first with the openings cut on the front of the grill fins and the second one cut from the back side. The grill openings on the second one are smaller and a bit harder to see. Something else about the second one I don't remember seeing before is the coating over the switch text. I guess they were trying to clear coat them with something to protect the lettering but it looks awful to me.
  10. I'm surprised to hear about so many TVs with no coax input. How do people hook up their antennas or even basic cable? Do these TVs not have tuners and channel buttons either? Anyway I was imprssed at how well my old 2600 looked on my HDTV, not that I use it with it. I still prefer my CRT for classic systems. I guess with how horrible the SNES and Genesis look on HDTVs I was sort of expecting the Atari to not even work at all. I guess those solid colors and giant blocky graphics upscale really well though.
  11. I recently noticed that there is a difference in the speaker openings on some 2600s. On some the openings are cut towards the front and are very noticeable, while on others they are cut from the back, that is if you look at the console from the front you cannot see any openings at all. You have to turn the console around backwards to see them. I'm guessing it was an aesthetic change and that the ones cut from the back just looked better, but then why even bother changing them at all since no model ever had speakers and the openings were later completely removed anyway. I've read lots of discussions about the speaker openings and their history but I don't think I've ever seen anyone mention the direction of the openings. Just had me curious.
  12. Thanks, just wanted to make sure they were ok and not end up frying the console someday if they failed.
  13. I have two Atari 2600 AC adapters here which are rated to output 9v DC, however they are both going quite a bit over that. CO10472 14.6 V C016353 15.2 V I know the 7805 regulator can handle even more than that but that's just more heat, I'm curious why these adapters are putting out way higher than 9 volts, are they going bad or is this just how they were? Should I replace them with a modern 9v power supply? I want my 2600 to live a long and happy life.
  14. Got my very first heavy sixer today (wow they really are heavy!) so I figured I'd post the serial here. The switchboard has the green and white ribbon cable and the board is C010462 Rev 5. The top shell however does not have the beveled switch holes and is almost identical to the one on my light sixer, including the Atari logo and trademark symbol on the front. NTSC, serial# 43519N
  15. Luckily I did have some .01uF caps and I think it did improve things even more, and you're right it is definitely not a placebo affect. There's is a big improvement and it seems to have gotten rid of 99% of the static at least with the fire button. I'm getting static from the joystick as well so I may try adding a cap to it. I saw you also mentioned getting static from the switches on your 4-switch model; mine were really bad. Bands of static all the way across the screen when I used them and they felt really rough, almost sticking sometimes. I actually desoldered and removed all four of them and took them apart. The little contact springs were almost black with tarnish and there was something sticky in them, maybe some kind of spray cleaner someone used once. I soaked them in hot water and then rinsed with alcohol and got rid of the sticky stuff, then polished the contacts until they were shiny. When I put them back together they worked really smooth and the static issue was greatly improved, but not cleared up completely. The momentary switches still produce some "sparkles" on the screen. I'm wondering if the old capacitors in the console might be causing some of the issues and if recapping it may solve some of them. My light sixer has never has had any noticeable interference problems, not even with my Tac-2. Seems like later console revisions would make things better instead of worse, but I suppose there was a lot of cost cutting involved as well. Maybe getting rid of all that heavy shielding for one thing. Anyway I'll keep working with it and see how it goes, thanks for all the informative posts!
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