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  1. It's almost a guarantee that there are A) no "huge amount of emails" and B) no public disclosures going to happen. He's desperate to try and feel relevant still, and this is just another feeble attempt to achieve it. It's interesting to see his drivel on twitter (he's blocked me for some reason 😂 but it's still easy to see his posts). Lots of posts, but hardly likes or replies. Most people have the measure of him now.
  2. It looks like that message thread has been deleted now. Interesting that it was discussing whether links to Kieren's work should be allowed, and specified that he wasn't a member of the group. However, he used to be. I wonder why he left? 🤔
  3. I also got a message request. Apparently Kieren been spreading some lies again (surprise surprise). Nothing that we couldn't have guessed anyway.
  4. "crunching hard"? Is that a new way of saying "copying and pasting from Wikipedia"?
  5. He's trying to keep in the eye of the community. It doesn't matter if everyone thinks he's a liar, a crap writer, or even a complete arsehole, just so long as someone, somewhere is talking about him. BTW, it was noted a few weeks back that he was trying to worm his way back into some retro groups. One FB group was specifically noted. For this that can't be bothered to join that group, there's little to see. Half of Kieren Hawken's posts are either plugging review of books he's been involved with, or links to his own YT channel.
  6. I think tomasparks removed it themselves - as they added the original upload to archive.org, I assume they'd have the rights to also remove it again.
  7. Erm? I think Landstalker's point was that this thread was archived, so he (referring to Kieren, via Moley) wouldn't be able to delete it (even if he were to get this site blocked again, or get the thread taken down). I think you might have scored an own goal here?
  8. I'm going to add my support to Cyrano's comment. While I've got no direct connection to Kieren, I've never spoken to him, I don't think I've ever met him (though he may have been at the same retro show as me on at least one occasion), I'm angry that someone has weaseled their way to the centre of a community and a hobby that I love, and spread misinformation, poison and mistrust. I'm all for this thread keeping tabs on what groups he's trying to worm his way into, what lies he's telling on social media, and what damage he's still trying to cause. However, we've all established that as a "journalist" (if that term could really be applied) he's awful. We know he doesn't research his information, he plagiarises regularly, updates Wikipedia to suit himself, and regularly puts a pro-Atari slant on whatever he produces. We also know that the concept of proof reading and grammar checking is alien to him. Repeatedly pointing out these kind of mistakes, whilst reinforcing his failure as a writer, IS filling this thread with a significant amount of background noise. I've been following this thread since it was 3 pages long, but if I were to approach it as a new reader now, I'd miss some of the significant information due to it being hidden amongst the numerous postings about repeated grammatical errors and factual inaccuracies. I think that the quality of his writing should still be put under the microscope, but possibly in a different thread, as it's taking the focus away from the real cause of this one. Yes, this thread started out because of a review of his writing ability (or lack of), but it quickly became more about his behaviour and attitude, which is what's caused the real damage to the community.
  9. Interesting, he's been both allowed (back?) to the group and made an administrator at the same time? Wonder who he's bribed for that?
  10. You're spot on. The trouble is that for Kieren to move past all this, and possibly even manage to salvage a small sliver of dignity, he'd have to accept that he's not the font of all knowledge, he's not the go-to person for all things retro, he's not "Mr Atari", and he's not a particularly talented writer. Unfortunately I can't imagine him doing any of that.
  11. Aaaaand, it looks like the AtariFan twitter account is gone again. Damn those "hackers" 😂
  12. "it's all over twitter" yet when I look for recent tweets about #KierenHawken or #RetroLaird, I find 10% of diddly squat.
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