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  1. "Award winner author"? - its not grammatically correct and hasn't been proof read. You don't need an IP address to figure out who added that.
  2. I've heard someone stating that Kieren has contacted their place of work in an attempt to get them fired. He's not taking this lying down.
  3. The MiST has a mature Megadrive core, including a separate core that imements the SVP of Virtua Racing. It also has a pretty good SNES core. IIRC it doesn't implement all of the various Super-FX functions, so some games won't work, but the majority do.
  4. I've just rediscovered my old Atari HDD, and want to get the data off there without the aid of an ST if possible. The drive is a whopping 52MB Quantum drive, and was previously connected to the ST via a GE Soft SCSI interface. I've hooked the drive up to the PC and tried using Gemulator Explorer to get at the files. Although Gemulator Explorer can see some of the data, it only seems to be seeing one partion, and I've no idea how to get at the rest of my data. I recall formatting the drive with the GE Soft software, and it might have had some options to get around some 16MB limit(?). I'm not sure whether that's causing the problem? Has anyone else had any success retreiving data this way, or am I going to have to find my old ST and connect to the PC via serial?
  5. I think it's about time someone stood up for TheAtariKing, after all you lot have been saying nasty things about him. I've not had the pleasure of meeting anyone else on the internet who is more kind and helpful than this fellow.(1)(2) The service he provides to the Atari community is second to none (3), and everywhere I look online, people only have great things to say about you (4). There was even someone who took the trouble to join the Atari Forum website just to post a comment about how happy they were about the service they received from him. (5) One quick look at his website will tell you what a professional he really is. I don't believe for a minute that you stole that website, and I'm going to write a really stern email to the guy who runs that website that looks just like yours (6) and tell him to stop copying your fantastic layout. BTW, I was a bit confused about the name of your site - RetroGreek - With a name like George, I didn't think you sounded like you were from Greece, but one look at that picture of you from the 80's makes everything clear. I knew someone who owned a greek takeaway - Stavros was his name, do you know him? Anyway, he had a mustache just like that. (7) So, I was looking at your site, and admiring your collection of Atari computers. I like the touch of the flowers in the vase, I assume they were put there by the woman you live with, perhaps your mother, or wife, or your sister? (. Anyway, it's great yo see your Mega 4 is running TOS 1.4 now. You really know your stuff. Dude, I totally agree with your plans to make the best Atari ST website in the world. Comparing the site to something like www.atarilegend.com, it's easy to see who the true professionals are. The only thing that concerns me is the fact that if I search on Google for "atari st", your site doesn't even appear in the top 100 sites. Strange, because as you say, you're already in the top 10. Even more odd, I searched for "retrogeek computers" and Google found no sites at all. Are you sure you're in the top 10? You obviously know a thing or two about these things, so I assume that it's Google's mistake. Keep up the good work, you must be well on your way to your first million by now. (1) (Except perhaps for your comments here) (2) (Oh yeah, and here) (3) I.e No support is better than the support from this guy. (4) Except perhaps for all the comments from people who've ordered stuff from you (trading as DoomMaster, or RetroGeek), either on atari forums or via ebay, and haven't had the stuff delivered. (5) The only problem is, that person was YOU! (6) Atari STe Fanpage (7) I know, I know ( For all we know, they're the same person!
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