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  1. Ive been taking a break, if you want you can help with it usinoh.
  2. yougamer

    Hack programs

    Can someone tell me a good hack program i can use? I deleted the old one i had, and now i plan to do a big hack. So could someone please help me? Thank you.
  3. I still play The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind and this one should be alot better, its going to have horses isnt it?
  4. I can find them roms and try uploading them, ill do my best
  5. Good Job, I like the added blood and the machette...if you figure out the music it will be great!!! Have you checked out my Friday the 13th part 3 game? 979980[/snapback] Thank you very much, and i will be sure to check out your friday the 13th game, ill look for it right now... Thanks EDIT: I just played your Friday the 13th game with axes and its really cool, good work
  6. Hello everyone, i'm back. Here is a download to the hack http://z19.zupload.com/download.php?file=g...e&filepath=1226 I hope it works, it still has the music from Halloween tho, i still need it changed... Thanks
  7. I created a hack called Friday the 13th 2600. It will be completly finished after i get someone to change the music. I hacked the Halloween game and change alot. Its my first hack, so if anyone wants to help me out on it PM me...
  8. I forgot the name of this auwsome Atari 2600 game. Its one of my favorite ones too. Heres a description: The camera moves down and it doesnt stop and if you stop and the camera goes down past you, you die. You also move around a maze and you canot let the camera pass you. Theres like a ghost that ocasionally cames out to get you. Please post games that you forgot the names to and give a descripton...
  9. Hello, im going to make a game called Rambo III: Return to Afghanistan to continue a series by my brother. Im having trouble on finding a game to hack though for a game like this. Im going to use Hack-o-matic 2 that i just found over the internet. Any suggestions in what i should hack for this?
  10. yougamer

    Im new

    Hes going to collage, i wish he still hacked atari 2600 games. I want to get started on it and create a Rambo III game just for a sequal to Kyles last rambo game he made called Rambo takes Afganistand.
  11. yougamer

    Im new

    Im new at hacking Atari 2600 games and i want someone to give me a link to a place where i can get a program for it. My brother was a atari 2600 hacker, he acually created official games, his name was Kyle Pittman and he use to come here. Please... Help me... thanks
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