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  1. thank you for your concern i think ill just  muddle through it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i must be missing gray matter whats wrong with gmail??????  please thake the time to fill me in and i will  reciprocate by helping someone down the road!!!

    1. ivop


      Using your e-mail address as your username leaks your address to the internet. It is probably already harvested by now by a webcrawler. Be prepared to receive a ton of spam on your e-mail address.


      Contact @Albert to have your name changed to something else.

  3. in hopes to make me a chip set to plug in to my old 2600 trackball same one just not able to do this my self ive tried will compensate what ever is fair no rush just would like to know if this is posable???? please!!!!
  4. i have a atari bin file it runs on my emulator atirra but not on my atari 800xl computer why please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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