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  1. Thanks for making the video. Enjoyed getting to see more of the game. It's definitely one I will be picking up.
  2. Your one video just shows the character walking from left to right and changing appearance. No real game play. Maybe you could show a sample of the different levels. How playable is it compared to the different versions of Guardian Storms Over Doria? My game-playing abilities aren't the best either so I would be the last one to make a snarky comment about someone else's skills . Thanks for offering to make another video.
  3. Has anyone picked up Ninja Nerd? It's one of the ones I'm interested in getting but was curious as to how playable it really is. The video doesn't make it very clear. I know you can skip levels.
  4. Got this off of eBay - $7.99 sealed with free shipping. Just had to download the remaining 4 episodes.
  5. Pm sent about the Touchmaster DS game.
  6. PM sent about Guitar Hero 5
  7. Have you tried the FULLCOUR.01 file which I believe is for the unreleased basketball game Full Court Press?
  8. Has anyone used rechargeable D size batteries in the battery pack? If so, which brand? Approximate battery life in hours? I know people have had issues with using rechargeable AA batteries in the Lynx itself - batteries not fitting properly. Wondering if this was the case in the battery pack. Thanks.
  9. Would you post some pictures of your completed project along with a parts lists?
  10. I'll take the Brain Age 2 (NDS) - Loose if it's still available.
  11. Purchased a Lode Runner manual for the Atari XEGS. Smooth transaction and fast shipping. Look forward to future purchases. Thanks.
  12. How much does the cover weigh in grams? The reason I ask is that my local library does 3D printing and they charge by the gram - about 20 cents per gram.
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