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  1. Picked up this PS3 Eye Camera from Disc Replay for $1.99.
  2. Local church had their mega garage sale for the first time since covid. Picked these up on their second day when everything is 50% off. Not bad for $4. All games are complete and the orange zapper has the nunchuk but no remote.
  3. These arrived on Friday from The Brewing Academy:
  4. Payment sent. Thanks Al for all of your work.
  5. Not a purchase but I wanted to show what I rescued from the electronics recycling bin at work: Working 40 inch Panasonic Plasma HDTV with multiple inputs for free - too hard to pass up.
  6. Recent pickup from GameStop. Free with trade credit:
  7. Shipped quickly and the items were well protected.
  8. Mystery box arrived today - thanks Isaiah. Here's what came:
  9. Recent pickups: From Disc Replay - From GameStop - free with trade credit - From eBay -
  10. Got these recently from Goodwill for $1.99 each.
  11. If you remove the rubber pad on the battery cover, it will slide off easier with rechargeable batteries installed.
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