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  1. Just won these on eBay: On this group my best offer was accepted. This was from a new seller with zero feedback but the price was good enough to take a chance - $6.75 including shipping and tax. All of the games have the manuals.
  2. Sorry misread your original post. Here is a scan of the front cover: Best resolution I could get.
  3. I have the manual. Only about 4 pages are actual instructions. The rest are the copyright information and ads for other Telegames Lynx titles. If you're still interested, I can scan those 4 pages and post them here.
  4. From Jungle Guide Issue #2: Expert Mode: On title screen, press Opt 1 + B + A Full ammo on every mission: On title screen, press Opt 1 + Up + B Stealth armor on every mission: On title screen, press Opt 1 + Down + B Mission Skip: On the mission screen, hold either left or right and press Opt 2. You can select any mission except Firebase #2.
  5. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to these.
  6. Carl, any update on the release dates for these games?
  7. I'm enjoying it. You have to replay levels in order to earn stars to buy upgrades. The graphics are very nice.
  8. Just bought from eBay (my eBay Bucks were going to expire):
  9. Won these PSP games on eBay for $11.85 including shipping. All are complete.
  10. I'm looking forward to this game as the videos on YouTube look excellent.
  11. Bought this on eBay: Slowly starting to acquire some of the PS Vita titles from Limited Run Games.
  12. Have you tried this with Game Gear games?
  13. Just bought this on eBay for $20 shipped. Only missing the manual.
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