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  1. Has anyone used rechargeable D size batteries in the battery pack? If so, which brand? Approximate battery life in hours? I know people have had issues with using rechargeable AA batteries in the Lynx itself - batteries not fitting properly. Wondering if this was the case in the battery pack. Thanks.
  2. Would you post some pictures of your completed project along with a parts lists?
  3. I'll take if still available.
  4. I'll take the Brain Age 2 (NDS) - Loose if it's still available.
  5. Thanks for the information.
  6. Purchased a Lode Runner manual for the Atari XEGS. Smooth transaction and fast shipping. Look forward to future purchases. Thanks.
  7. How much does the cover weigh in grams? The reason I ask is that my local library does 3D printing and they charge by the gram - about 20 cents per gram.
  8. Red Art Games is having a sale on some of its Vita games. https://www.redartgames.com/13-playstation-vita
  9. Forgot to mention the system has a LED back light mod. The screen flicker is like a candle flame shimmering or pulsing. It stops (or becomes fainter) when you turn the brightness down. The screen is white with the brightness wheel turned up. Believe I now have it set to the middle setting as you suggested. I have briefly tested 5 games and the screen looks the same as if there is no cartridge inserted. I can't comment on the sound as I swapped its working sound board with another Game Gear where the sound board wasn't working (both the speaker and head phone jack). Was the link I provided in my previous post (#13) something I should be looking at? Thanks for your help.
  10. You can get 3DS case here: https://www.casetopia.com/Nintendo_3DS_Replacement_Case_White_p/nin3dswhi.htm
  11. Sure I would appreciate any tests or tips you can provide to troubleshoot the system. I found this web page showing a repair involving the cartridge slot: http://laptoprepairpro.com/sega-game-gear-repair-part-1/ The screen does flicker when rotating the brightness wheel.
  12. The brightness wheel does darker and brighten the screen.
  13. Did a quick test and the screen is white no matter if there is a cartridge inserted or not.
  14. All of the games worked fine on the other Game Gears that I have so it's not the cartridges. The system with the issue was not stored with a game inserted in the cartridge slot. No sounds play with this system. The sound board is fine because I tried with another GG. All I get is a white screen when I turn on the system with a game inserted - no sound and no picture.
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