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  1. Found some games at a local garage sale. Wanted $10 for the group, talked him down to $8. PS2 Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance (missing manual) PS2 Hitman 2 (complete) Wii Tenchu Shadow Assassins (complete) PS2 Gauntlet Dark Legacy (disk only) PS2 Godzilla Save the Earth (disk only)
  2. Roughly: 5 & 1/8 inches tall 3 & 5/8 inches wide
  3. The back page (cover) is blank. No reason to scan it.
  4. Found this website: https://vitaparadisa.wordpress.com/the-list/ Looks like Minecraft has full English support.
  5. Can anyone confirm if the following Japanese versions have English support? Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Minecraft Muramasa Rebirth Dragon Quest Builders These versions are less expensive and easier to find than the US releases. Thanks.
  6. Not a purchase. I rescued this from the electronic recycling box at my work. It's a Vizio Model E24-C1 24 inch tv. All I needed to get was a remote - got one from eBay for under $7 shipped.
  7. Contact them directly. I believe they made at least two but only listed one as available on their website. They didn't offer this item before. I asked if they could do a custom order.
  8. Just purchased this from PJ's Games: It's a reproduction of a Japanese only release that can now be played on American TG-16 systems.
  9. Please sign me up to the drawing. Thanks.
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