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  1. I understand now, thank you. From what I've read, Hercules makes theirs with individually shielded wires. Guess it pays to shop around first.
  2. Could that possibly be done by wrapping them in foil or something?
  3. Problem solved! I adjusted the pot and restored color using the rf cable. Playing around with all manner of different combinations using the new cable, I was surprised to see I had color using the original yellow, white, and red ports. It is an imperfect picture with some vertical stripping, but still much improved over the rf. At some point I'll perhaps try the chroma mod so I can use the s-cable. I had my eye on the Sophia 2 as the ideal solution, but apparently supply issues and current demand for it makes that unlikely for a long time. Thank you all for your help.
  4. I've tried that. It's the same black and white screen.
  5. There's only the one yellow jack for video. Did a little reading and sounds like there's three revisions A, B, and C with only the later C that has chroma hooked up to din. Mine is revision B.
  6. Been using the original switch box to coax for output. It was very blurry, but full color. I purchased a cable to hook the monitor to composite. Output for that was crisp, but black and white. Switching back to the switch box, I now see an image that is both blurry and BW. Did I potentially fry something inside using the alternate cable? Help.
  7. Appreciate the input. I haven't disassembled the 800 yet. Hoping for the best, but yes, I'd like to know if the capacitors are leaking, but I've no experience soldering. Used to modern builds, so all of this makes me a bit anxious. Time to learn something new. Cheers!
  8. Hello everyone! I'm new here. I finally have a space where I can pull out my old 800xl and 1050 drive to set up a retro computer area. With the exception of a few corrupted disks, everything is surprisingly in good order. I put things on hold until I get the replacement power cord for the 800xl. From what I understand, the "ingot" PSU I have is a potential MB killer. It seemed like a good idea to update the PSU for the other devices I have, including the 1050 drive. But after scouring the various forums, it sounds to me as if I should just let things be if they're working. Would everyone agree? Is it just the 5V power source that can potentially fry components? Thanks in advance!
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