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  1. ive searched the net for info but no luck. what is this about? is it a rare version of the game "venture?" tia!!
  2. for real???? thank you. i will try it. always pised me off that i couldnt finish it because i lacked the sa controllers.
  3. i loved the game so much when i was a kid that i bought it "without" the super action controllers. i couldnt blow up the fort or jump in the tanks. is there a way to do it with the standard coleco contollers? i used to pound on the key pad and nothing eveer happened!
  4. lol i have several colecos! but he is only selling it as a lot and the games i want were the ones stargunner posted. i texted the guy and he said the last offer he got from someone for the lot was $300. I would never pay that much for only 5 games i wanted.
  5. i only need 5 games, they happen to be super cobra and the other non parker bros or coleco brand games.
  6. i recently picked up a psp with mame on it and its missing some games like joust 2. indiana jones and spy hunter loads but the psp shuts off before the screen can load. is there a better version i should be running?
  7. I think this is one of the best games put out on the colecovision but my question is this: why didnt atari put the game out since they put out the original arcade game? I read somewhere that kenner owned the rights and they owned parker brothers but i called bullshit on that because kenner didnt aquire the parker brother brand until 1985, years after parker brothers put it out on cartridge format.
  8. i remember the magazine boasting about dk and dkj having intermissions.
  9. was it the "adam" version, with the intermissions?
  10. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ColecoVision-Super-Donkey-Kong-Junior-Galaxian-Joust-Pac-Man-Jungle-Hunt-Frenzy-/141975379690?hash=item210e645eea:g:-6EAAOSw~oFXIsYh
  11. ive always come here for emmulation questions.
  12. I just picked up a modded xbox for $100. it has most of classic consoles (2600, 5200, coleco, intellivision, linx, neo geo, wanderswan, msx, msx2) it has 14,000 games. sadly, it doesnt have MAME, which is what I want the most. can anyone help me but helping me or explaining how i can do it? thanks!!!
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