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  1. Don't you already have a ColecoVision, Kenny? ;)

    lol i have several colecos! but he is only selling it as a lot and the games i want were the ones stargunner posted. i texted the guy and he said the last offer he got from someone for the lot was $300. I would never pay that much for only 5 games i wanted.

  2. I think this is one of the best games put out on the colecovision but my question is this:



    why didnt atari put the game out since they put out the original arcade game?


    I read somewhere that kenner owned the rights and they owned parker brothers but i called bullshit on that because kenner didnt aquire the parker brother brand until 1985, years after parker brothers put it out on cartridge format.

  3. I just picked up a modded xbox for $100. it has most of classic consoles (2600, 5200, coleco, intellivision, linx, neo geo, wanderswan, msx, msx2) it has 14,000 games. sadly, it doesnt have MAME, which is what I want the most. can anyone help me but helping me or explaining how i can do it? thanks!!!

  4. I removed the google desktop entirely after you suggested there might be a problem. but it still does it. it will not go in full screen and the bottom half of my desktop appears underneath it and is flickering still. i dont understand, it was perfectly find on my other comp and lap top. sadly, i cant use them because theres no hdmi port which i want to used on my new flat screen tv!

  5. I can donate pole position if you want sorry for flood


    thanks. I never thought we would have get flooded out and I kept doubting the news saying we would get hit. my whole house and my garage aka toy room was flooded with 3 feet of water. i had over 4000 carded star wars figures, ruined and my entire video game collection as well. i tried cleaning them up as much as i could. right now im actually dunking my games in alchol and rubbing them with a tooth brush to clean any remianing debris.

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