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  1. Im not trying to argue with you but how can one say in 83-84 "VIDEO GAMING IS DEAD, THE FUTURE IS IN COMPUTING!!!!" when the arcades were always packed and they were constantly getting new games each week and it never slowed down?
  2. http://longisland.craigslist.org/tag/1129667099.html
  3. coleco's was the best simply because it had a "non slip" portion on the cartridge so you can pull it out of the system with ease. case closed. i cant believe anyone would say the atari was the best. they kept sliding out my hands when i pulled them out.
  4. They aren't always ignorant kids, sometimes they're just misinformed adults: The worst thing I think I have heard was when I was standing in line at Funcoland (probably 10+ years ago) waiting to check out. There was a middle-aged guy in front of me who was talking with the Funcoland employee while everything was getting rung up - he basically was trying to tell the employee about the progression of video games saying, "First there was the Atari 2600, then the 7800. Then Atari turned into Sega because if you look at the ports on the Sega Genesis and Atari, you can see that they are the same." He went on like this for awhile, butchering video gaming history worse than anybody else I'd ever heard/known while the employee just patiently listened and got his purchases together, but at least the guy was just misinformed and wasn't ranting about how bad old games "suck". Surprisingly enough, when I was in high school (late 90's, early 2000's), I would bring in my Atari 2600 every so often - I don't think I remember anybody really bashing it. In fact, people wanted to PLAY it - so I guess I was pretty lucky in that respect. What kind of school let you bring in a game system and play it?!!?!?
  5. ok....back in 1987, my friends and I used to hang out at a local roller rink every friday. there were a ton of arcade games to to occupy our night while we werent skating. we were all into a heavy game of gauntlet (level 70, i think) and some kid was watching another kid play another game. not knowing that he was rocking his skate from side to side, he knocked out our plug! I threatened to kick his ass if he didnt give us back all the money we lost (I felt bad because I actually had the key to the game so we played for free all the time) and he gave us all the money he had on him, something like $7.
  6. Of course coleco would blow atari away. I dont get why people would compare the 2. the coleco was by far much more superior to the 2600. its a huge step up, like dvd to blu ray. atari was also coleco's competitor and they would naturally make a game that looks worse on a competitor to make the coleco look great.
  7. an atari 5200, MIOB, played with only twice, with every single paper and plastic intact, with 6 boxed games, pacman, ms pacman, pol position, joust, and a couple of others at a garage sale for $20, i chewed him down from $25.
  8. The only add-on I will get is the driving controller. If I want to play VCS games, I'll play them on the 7800 or 2600. The Colecovision power thing is a pain. That's one thing you can credit the 2600 is that it was well designed for the long haul. the powerplug makes it look worth it. look at the simple 2600 with its rinky dink games then you see the mega power plug for coleco with its intense, high quailty games.
  9. the board is old but still operated well. scream and fly suggested swapping it out for a pentium 2. I have one a few feet away from the cab that Im willing to sacrifice, but it seems like an intense job. how easy is it to add roms to the existing P1? is it complicated?
  10. its in cab that I bought a couple of years ago from a guy that was local. he was selling his house and wanted to sell it. its an old computer inside, circa 97. it has 600 games, from 1977 to 1984. the only newest ones are gauntlet 1 and 2. I could never play them well because they seemed to operate at half speed. the problem always existed, only with gauntlet 1 &2. I was able to speed it up with the skip frame option (F10) but when I close it out and open it again, it goes back to its default settings (i guess) and it is at half speed again, until I plug in the keyboard and f10 it again and correct its speed. is there a way of "saving" it? I cant seem to access the "default game options" menu. i think its because its an older version and it doesnt have it. scream and fly looked at it and i think he said it was a pentium 1. I thought it was running slow because it was a more complicated game for its age. All the other games seem to work perfect on it.
  11. ok, I located it and sped up the frame (f10) and got it at the disirable speed. my question is that how do I save it at that speed now? I dont see a "save" button. it resets itself everytime and I cant always plug in my keyboard everytime I wasnt to play gauntlet 1 & 2.
  12. coleco's telestar, in 1978. I had the "triple play" cartidge then I got pinball.
  13. ok, Im having trouble finding the frame skips on gauntlet 1 and 2. can someone help me locate them? thanks!!
  14. thanks!! Ill give frameskip a try. I also do as sdaman suggesteed but I will wait for scream and fly to come over and do that. it seems too complicated for me to even attempt it.
  15. as some many now, I had purchased a mame cab from a local guy who was selling his house and didnt want it anymore. it has about 600 games, from 1977 to about 1983. it has the basic games, asteroids, pac man, donkey kong, mr do. it also has gauntlet 1 and 2, but seems to be running at half its speed. Now, my question is can I give it more ram by swapping out the old ram? the board is from 1998 I think. also, how hard would it be to add more games? its missing games like mario bros and I would like to get it on there. thanks!
  16. one of the games I am so proud to have beaten, along with ghosts n goblins. never could finish temple of doom tho.
  17. Retro Duo Twin NES and SNES Console - Red/Black - RB-RD-1279 http://www.buy.com/prod/retro-duo-twin-nes...amp;dcaid=17070 I was just told by scream and fly that this was not compatible with all games. how so?
  18. Im takin a look at the cover of the remote contollers box. take a look at the dad....he seems very exicted while the kids play the game. its almost as if he is trying to explain to his kids how he didnt have this type of stuff when he was younger. i think he was comparing it to catching a "great big fish" or something.
  19. I have to guess you don't use MAME that much? Anyway - check this link. It will show all you need for the set 'diehard': http://maws.mameworld.info/maws/set/diehard I also have to guess you don't have the ST-V bios files needed in your roms folder. You should be able to audit your game and MAMEUI tell you what is missing. Compare that to the list of files in the diehard.zip and stv.zip and fix accordingly. I use it alot but I dont understand the innerworkings of it much.
  20. armor all has alchol in it. in time, it will ruin it.
  21. I have 2 different versions of the mame and when I download die hard, it doesnt appear in neither. does anyone know why?
  22. true story..... in 1987, my best friend gave me an NES for FREE. I asked where he got it from and he said his fathers friend found it in the garbage. I couldnt believe it because it was fairly new and still went for over a $100 in the stores.
  23. WHY IS THIS POST IN AUCTION FORUM? Im not selling this item. Im laughing at it. It has no place here.
  24. have the unreleased prototypes on the open market? I mean, are some of the copies floating around? It sucks that they werent commercially availible. evenms pac man would have been great.
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