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  1. wow, first garage sale score of the year. guy wanted $30 but i got him down to $20.
  2. thank you so much!!! i bought some alchohol and tooth brushes and intended on doing a thorough cleaning this weekend. do i have to take the cartridges apart? what does it look like inside a nes or coleco cartridge?
  3. I was a victim of the recent hurrican this last year. my house was flooded as well as my garage which stored my toy and video game collection. ive been spending the past couple of months cleaning up. I havent tried my mame cab, punchout arcade games to see if they worked. my vintage video game collection was severely damaged. i submerged my games andf systems in cold water and put them containers of rice to soak up the moisture. like i said, i havent tested the games yet but some of them i noticed rust dripping down the cartridge (after the flood). i can guess that those games are goners? any help on this is greatly appreciated. im, still a mess!
  4. how many roms exist for mame, nes, snes, nintendo 64, coleco, artari 2600. 5200 & 7800? i heard mame has something like 3000 and nes has something like 600. is this true? does anyone have exavt numbers?
  5. How can i get it? Im a member of a gi joe site and it was in the main page and I was blown away by it. is there a rom for it or something?
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9of4cVuJk8&feature=player_embedded#!
  7. http://longisland.craigslist.org/vgm/2796416799.html this is right in my own town but im broke! some one jump on this!
  8. that pretty much says it all. Ive done it before with my laptop and a projection tv via component cables but now im trying to do it using VGA cable into my plasma. I cant seem to get it working. what do I do? I have windows vista. thanks!!!
  9. So, one of the girls im seeing tells me her father had a super nintendo and her mom was going to throw it out because he passed away. She had me in mind and called me and asked if I wanted it. I said "HELL YES!" She bought it over that same night and this is what it was:
  10. this was the easiest for me. finsihed it back in 1990. sunday was the hardest, tho.
  11. He's nuts! lmao!! i knew he had to been crazy. i cant see spending $2500 on any 1 video game, ever. at least he tipped me with a twenty! but i still told him if he didnt get rid of it, i would take it off his hands as a tip!
  12. im at a house yesterday, doing a trouble call for cablevision. i had to go to the customers basement to fix some lines. while im there, he turns on the lights and there is an RENEGADE arcade game! im like "wow, where did u get that from?" the guy replies "ive had it for years... i dont use it anymore. it works mint". i ask him "well, if you ever decide to let it go, let me know." he then says "my sons friend wanted to buy it. he offered me $2500." i replied to the guy "you should have took it". im, sorry, $2500 for renegade machine? is he nuts? or am i?
  13. good luck, wish I could get it! http://longisland.craigslist.org/vgm/2475182914.html
  14. lmao!! i wonder if a kid did the same thing today and get away with it without being suspended? schools are so uptight now!
  15. lmao!! believe it or not, I had a chance to get a job at dc comics. my father has some friends there and they wanted to get me a job but I had to work my way up, meaning i would literally have to be more or less, a "trash guy". I didnt want to start like that so I declined the offer. would have been nice!! my father used to work for dc in the 60s and he used to bring my bro back comics all the time, including the templates. but my father always got mad and broke everything.
  16. yes, it was wrong but to crucify me by saying i shouldnt have posted it is a bit harsh. i mean afterall, millions of people boast about thier illegal past and present and actually make money boasting of it.
  17. wow, i would have thought people would have been more excited about the comic part rather than the stealing part! it was almost 30 years ago, i grew up since then!
  18. Ok, back in 1984, a friend of mine and a member of this site were at the ripe age of 12 and 13. we started hanging out at the local mall, as most kids did at the time. we were very into our video games (both arcade and home) but my friend was more into his home pcs. we didnt have enough money for games so we came up with an idea to obtain them....for free. at first, we would take the coleco games out of the boxes and then stick them in cheap atari boxes, pay for them. we did this a few times until we came up with another idea. we would take 3 cartridges out and stick them in WICO joystick boxes, eBay Auction -- Item Number: 220802517691 while leaving the joystick inside. the joystick cost roughly $15, which was a hell of alot of money back then. we then would go into the mall, take the cartrides out and return the joystick, getting our money back. meanwhile, back at school, we talked to each other about our adventures. we soon came up with a concept: put it into comics!!! we soon came up with a comic called "the adventures of the cartridge stealers". the comic had us going to the mall, and...stealing cartridges! each comic was full of action and new characters were added and as we got deeper into the comics, so did the storylines. the comics ran from 1984 to 1989. we incorperated everything into our comics, much like family guy. we had gi joe, transformers, the a-team, you name it....we had it. oh, cartridges werent the only thing we stole!
  19. Ive been having bad luck with garage sales lately. everyone is always putting the cool stuff on ebay and there are so many people out there, going to garage sales and you have to beat the other collectors. I was glad my friend found these for me. He gave me his coleco 20 years ago and remembered i still collect them. Ive been having a good week. earlier this week, i went to a customers house (i work for cablevision) and he had given me some old gi joe and transformers toys. I was in heaven! and the next day, another customer gave me some of his old toys. could my luck get any better?
  20. I also noticed that there are 2 mr dos. the one i have has "for colecovision" and the one i got today, as you see in the pic, says "colecovision and adam". never knew they came in 2 types. i thought it was one or the other.
  21. I would like to explain the name.....had it since I was 12 years old!!! it was a surreal comic I used to write!
  22. i never even owned super cross fire. is it a good game? they all came with thier instructions, too.
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