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  1. I think I have an extra laying around. im just glad i was able to get some games that I didnt have.
  2. well, i was doing my garage sailing today and I hit about 40 in a 2 hour range. nothing too exciting. i get a call from my best friend whom is sailing in another town next door. he tells me he found a coleco with some games. he reads some off and i tell him to get it for me, but take no more than $20 (it was the highest i would go) he then tells me the guy says "everything for $7", its missing the power plug, game switch and tv chord. well, this is what i got for 7 bucks:
  3. I recently picked up a punch out for free from craigslist. The top monitor seemed to have been working but stopped recently. I opened the back and changed a fuse, thinkin it was the problem but it wasnt. I saw smoke coming out near the circuit board and now the sound is gone (the music is still there but the sound of the voices are gone.) does anyone know about this game?
  4. dont hate me but i didnt know where else to post this: eBay Seller: hotwheelskiller
  5. It would be sweet to find them in the wild. are they prototypes only?
  6. do the joysticks with the rollers really exist?
  7. pitfall 2 was awsome! I used to play the crap out of it on my colecovision in 1991!
  8. I remember my best friend coming over with a NES back in 1986, and he said I could keep it! he said his father saw it being thrown out in the garbage and he picked it up. I swear its the truth.
  9. my girlfriend just called and said her friend was throwing out a Nintendo 64 with a bunch of games and she asked if she could have it, for me. she said yes!
  10. I forgot what button allows me to change the settings for lives on games? example, donkey kong would start me off on 3, but if i change the settings, i could have it at 5 everytime i start up. thanks!!
  11. Yes, this has happend to me. The idiot seller in my case advertised it as a very rare collectible with mint box. I requested that they ship in a separate box and that I'd be willing to pay the extra... no reply. Guess what, they shipped the game in a padded enveolope, the box got crushed and all attempts to settle with ebay failed. I got my one and only negative feedback on this transaction. I see that ebay has change the feedback system, so in its present form, I would have never gotten public feedabck from the jackass seller. Bottom line, some sellers are idiots. Its too bad. Because of these types of folks, I walk through life with a cautious eye and unfairly judge people... "All people are idiots until proven otherwise. To do so otherwise compromizes my financial and physical well being". -GrizzLee I recently sold something on ebay and they guy gave me a hard time. I sold something for like $4, with $5.99 s&h. I paid $3 for the item and it cost me $3 for postage. the guy had the never to ask what I did with the remaining $3 for s&h. he told me it was against ebay rules to profit off of s&h since I told him I only made a dollar off the transaction. he said he would give me less then stellar feedback. I then replied to him that the $3 was used for gas to get to the post office and back, since he was being such an ignorant ass.
  12. I remember a few games, by colecovision, that came out in 1985. id have to look at my collection to get an idea. All Coleco cartridge were copyrighted 1984 or earlier, but this does not mean that certain areas of North America did not see a particular game until the year 1985. By 1985, Coleco was in full shutdown mode concerning the ColecoVision and ADAM Computer, even though a number of ADAM software titles made their way through the cracks and into the clammering hands of ADAM owners. The only title for the ColecoVision that I can recall having a 1985 copyright is "Alcazar - The Forgotten Fortress", and this game was not released until 1986 by TeleGames... further TeleGames releases were all copyrighted 1986. i could have sworn i had a coleco game with the 1985 date on it, but its been a long time. im probably wrong!
  13. I remember a few games, by colecovision, that came out in 1985. id have to look at my collection to get an idea.
  14. now about a list of games from 1982 to 1984? I dont remember anywhere in those #s for coleco between those 2 years.
  15. Cartridge Stealer: I'm beginning to think you haven't seen the overlay. The overlay does go on the number pad area, but none of number pad buttons are marked/used (except pause). It's just a guide to tell you which colored SA button fires which weapon. It's not so you can use the number pad to do the same functions. Ive seen it: I own them as well. I just think its overkill. why not do it with the other games like wargames?
  16. approximately 145 titles in total were published as ROM cartridges for the system between 1982 and 1984. this was from the wikipedia page. in who'se world were 145 titles released for the coleco? is someone smoking crack? http://www.facebook.com/pages/ColecoVision/113170885364220?ref=ts
  17. im down with it! hell, coleco is what started me with heavily into games. just look at my screen name. coleco created it!
  18. games that have overlays for the "sa" controller and standard which functions do the same thing as the other is liking having breasts on a bull. im not talking about games that require both to play a game ie: baseball, football but games like spy hunter where the upgrade is better. you have all the firing buttons at your fingers with the 4 firing buttons. why waste time with the keypad? again, I am talking about games such as spy hunter that come with BOTH overlays.
  19. Oh, okay then, sorry. For that particular game, I guess you have a point. I think Coleco included an S.A. overlay with Spy Hunter for marketing reasons mostly. And you know how marketing can follow its own logic: - If the game is compatible with the Super Action Controllers, then we should underline that fact by including some Super Action overlays. - That game doesn't really need overlays. The game just lets the player use the extra two colored buttons. - But how will the player know that he can use a Super Action Controller if there's no overlay? - He can just read that information on the front and/or the back of the box. - What if the box gets thrown away? - Then the player can read about it in the manual. - Really now, you know people don't read manuals... Besides, overlays only cost pennies to print. - OKAY THEN! INCLUDE THE F**ING OVERLAY! SEE IF I CARE!! - See, now you're getting it. Want to come work with us in the marketing department? - No thanks, I think I'll try to hold on to my remaining brain cells. We need to PIN this reply and save it for the ages :!: ok, while were on the topic of sa controllers, someone said that frontline, using the standard contoller, could be playing using the keypad for the right arm and grenade/jump. I got frontline b4 i got the sa contrller and I played it at least a 100 times and the keypad never worked. can someone verify that it actually did?
  20. Play Super Action Baseball and you'll understand. Better yet, play Super Action Football (the US football) and he'll understand and then there's the playbook! Actually, SA Baseball wasn't that bad after playing a few games. My dad even got the hang of that one and he never played videogames before or after that one. im not talking about baseball or football, im talking about spy hunter. spy hunter has overlays for the standard contrller and sa controller and the lays for the sa are overkill because you are supposed to upgrade when using the sa contoller, meaning using all 4 firing buttons at your fingertips.
  21. but having overlays for the SA controller is overkill. why bother when you have the firing buttons at your fingertips on the sa controller?
  22. Spy hunter comes with a set of Super Action Controller overlays and a set of overlays for the standard controllers. why on earth would the sa controllers have overlays? I mean, the sa controller does have 4 firing buttons so it doesnt need the overlays! It still nice to have the overlay to see what function each of the four fire-buttons perform, plus a game like Super Action Football uses every button on the SAC (as well as the stick and roller wheel) so the overlay does help to remember what each one is for. its overkill, with spyhunter. the whole purpose of the sa controller was to be a better controller than the standard. why be reminded of the basic controller?
  23. Spy hunter comes with a set of Super Action Controller overlays and a set of overlays for the standard controllers. why on earth would the sa controllers have overlays? I mean, the sa controller does have 4 firing buttons so it doesnt need the overlays!
  24. does anyone know where I can see a list of games available for tne snes?
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