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  1. the thing I hated most about coleco's pause feature is when it was acitvated, the games's screen would go "black", then you would hear an intermission tune play. then of course, there was a few seconds of "delay" when you unpaused it, basically allowing you time to find where were you in the game!

  2. there were so many out there. whats yours?


    mine has got to be the colecovision. I spent hours and hours with it until of course the NES came out but my memories and love is still for the coleco system.



    anyone remember the "free cabbage patch doll" offer coleco offered when you bought the system and ac cartridge?

  3. What (if any) games have a 'pause' feature? (Besides Frenzy)




    What CV games don't have a pause feature? On all Coleco made games, you just press the * to pause.




    I could never find a Y cable to try that.





    just about all the early games dont feaure a pause feature. the ones that are marked "COLECOVISION" dont have pause features (1 or 2 may but 99% of them dont)


    the pause feature was bought in when coleco switched to the "colecovision & adam" labels.

  4. Im confused here. Many people werent aware that there were many games without a pause feature?


    but from the first post/question, i can tell you that many of the early coleco games did not feature a "pause" feature. this is something that the Atari 5200 had over coleco until coleco finally came around to adding this feature.

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