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  1. I was really never a snes fan


    The SNES is a great console with some awesome games. Those 2 Mario games are some of the best SNES games they made. That's about a $60 haul -- for $10. sweet.


    ive always passed up snes at garage sales all the time. I should have picked them up sooner. I guess because I was out of the gaming era when snes was out and I was mad that the star wars games werent the arcade ports. that got me upset the most. how is the snes library with arcade ports? anything like the reg. nes?

  2. From the description I thought he wanted $75 for just the CV...? But if it was $75 for the CV + 20 games, that's not an unreasonable price at all.


    I bought my CV with 26 games for $50 from a CL deal, but it didn't have an AC adapter. After you factor in $30 to 4jays for the adapter, I have about $80 into it. You were not getting ripped at this yard sale, at least on the CV and games.



    I only wanted 3 of the games and I dont have time anymore to sell the rest of the stuff on ebay. :(

  3. $75 for boxed coleco and 20 games?....price does not sound that bad, unless you were getting these to flip. I would have paid it. Colecovision stuff does not turn up as much as other systems in the wild, epically working.



    coleco WAS NOT boxed, neither were the games.

    The last two BOXED ColecoVisions on eBay went for $150.00 and $202.75 (with 4 boxed common games). So the days of getting a boxed CV on eBay for cheap seem to be over with and therefore that garage sale system for $75 with all those games looks like a good deal now... but that is all relevant to what you are willing to pay.



    last summer, I paid $10 for a boxed colecovision at a garage sale, down from $12.

  4. I stopped by a garage sale in a rich part of long island today and asked for video games and old toys. the guy said "yea, i have old video games". I walk over to see about 20 coleco games and a coleco, as well as a boxed turbo grafix and an nes with assorted games. I saw stickers on the coleco box (not coleco box, but just a box that contained them) that read "75". I assumed it was "75 cents" so I grabbed all that I could hold then offered him $15. he was like "no, that $75 for the coleco. I originally wanted $150 but lowered is since a buy said he was coming monday for it. I got the prices from ebay." I was like WTF? I replied "GOOD LUCK BUDDY!" he wanted $95 for the turbo grafix. I snapped a picture of the coleco cartrides i wanted that i didnt have b4 i left:



  5. Played Donkey Kong on an original cabinet today. I forgot how hard it was. I could not get past the 1st elevator screen in 3 attempts, I stopped playing after that. I might be going out on a limb here, but this is one tough game.



    You're not - Donkey Kong was voted the toughest arcade game of all time.

    I guess it depends on which list you go by, but the lists I have seen voted Ghosts and goblins the hardest. And I agree it is a pretty impossible game.



    ive finished it. :)

  6. I wouldn't put Space Ace on the list. All it was is basically a 'memorize the move list' type of game. After practicing for a few weeks I was able to beat it easily and for many months there after. Of course once I stopped playing it and forgot the moves list then I went back to sucking. Still, Space Ace and DL aren't about skill they're about memorizing moves. Even a person who is really bad at games could beat it with a little practice.




    most arcade games are like that. they all have patterns and when you memorize them, theyre easy to beat.

  7. That's essentially my question-there are games out there that have no home ports, and that no one is making money off of anymore, and yet when you play them on MAME, you're told that it's illegal to do so unless you own the actual game. Of course, no one's going to arrest me, but who decides that it's illegal, and is it a matter of international copyright law, or is it something different? In other words, why is it illegal?? Or is it, really?


    A very good friend of mine thinks emulation is fine, as long as no one's making money off of the game.


    It's only my opinion I think if you aren't operating commercially "trying to make money with the ROMS" they prob don't mind with

    the older non franchise games if anything it's keeping interest alive in something that would be lost otherwise.Think about it like

    obscure Youtube music videos the record companies don't mind so much because if somebody likes the music video they might go

    out and buy the album.



    thats something I dont understand about youtube: how some artists hate it. well, videos were made to promote a song or artist. they werent meant to make them money. why would an artist get mad if thier video were on youtube, like Prince. where else can one see a prince video now? mtv doesnt play videos and its not like prince is selling his videos on the dvd/blue ray market.

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