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  1. my response: She died. Your a peace of shit. No chance in hell I would sell it to you now. his response: listen to what you wrote me, your a piece of shit, if she died or not, thats not my fuckin problem, the problem is you emailing me with your stupid story, again nice try oh yeah my mother bought something for me over 20 years ago and when she bought it she put it in her attic, and forgot to give it to me, you are a fucking idiot one more time King Gwedo, the name fits you well,must be italian with a stupid story like that my final response before blocking him: You are the scum of the earth. My dear and beloved mother worked for Walmart and she would bring me home a new game every week and she saved this one for Christmas and she died on 9/11 and I never got to see her on Christmas day now the game she bought me! I hope God punishes you! you are an evil soul! I am now putting it on ebay and making over $10,000 on it or perhaps $21,000! eBay Auction -- Item Number: 140384097750
  2. I sent him an email: Hello, I have a copy of "Stadium Events" that mom bought me for Christmas but she had passed away before she could give it to me. I had recently found it in her attic. Are you interested in buying it? Kenny Temprano response: so for over 20 years she forgot to give to you, your a fuckin idiot, nice try
  3. everyone's jumping on the bandwagon! http://newyork.craigslist.org/lgi/vgm/1600241253.html
  4. I sent him an email: Hello, I have a copy of "Stadium Events" that mom bought me for Christmas but she had passed away before she could give it to me. I had recently found it in her attic. Are you interested in buying it? Kenny Temprano
  5. Unsuspecting Mom Fetches $13,000 For eBay Nintendo System Auction Published 02/13/2010 By Tim Boswell Share This Post Share | Nintendo System eBay Auction - Stadium EventsA mother from Haw River, North Carolina recently rummaged through her kids' old things in their basement and came across an old Nintendo Entertainment System with five games. She posted it for sale on eBay (under the username lace_thongs35), and to her surprise, the auction ended at over $13,000. According to the folks over at HotBloodedGaming.com, old Nintendo systems are not super hot commodities, it was one of the five games that was ULTRA RARE that caught collectors' attentions. The five games included: TMNT II: The Arcade Game, Super Mario Bros 3, MLB, the combo Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt cartridge, and an ultra rare title called Stadium Events. The title ranks at #6 on a list of 20 "Holy Grails of Console Game," a list that covered all gaming systems in all countries, according to Wikipedia. A report from NBC says that only about 2,000 copies of the Stadium Event title were produced in the '80s, and after a recall, that number was reduced to about 200. Today collectors who follow the sale of rare games believe only ten complete copies of the game still exist, and this was apparently one of them. The NBC report says the box itself is valued at around $10,000. All we can say is WOW! You never know what's in your basement or attic, do you?
  6. WOW.....they got the "MR DO'S CASTLE" art mixed up with DK!
  7. yea, I saw some drug dealing going down in ghetto arcade in our mall. the time out one more more upper class and the upstairs galaxy one was ratty and you knew trouble was in there.
  8. To bad he got away. I cant tell you guys what I'd do to someone if I caught a guy like that but I will say I'd hope a cordless drill was handy. When things like this happens the punishment isn't harsh enough and I think execution is to nice for sickos like that. My neighbor moved because he was on the offenders list and every time I saw him I gave him a dirty look and then target practiced in my yard. I guess it made him uncomfortable. now I don't have to worry about my children going outside anymore. I hope that doesn't make me a bad guy. Its weird because I noticed him all the time in the arcades, for years. I never paid him much attention and just thought he was a lonely guy who had nothing to do and liked to kill time watching video games. It makes me sick that he never got caught. The arcade I worked in was Time Out in the Sunrise Mall.
  9. I spent several years in my local time out in the mall. I always noticed the weird people, especially this one old guy. he would stand behind the kids, watchin them play for hours. well, years later, I got a job at that very arcade. a scared parent came running into the back, screaming that someone molested her son. me and the other attendant, a 6 foot tall, 250 pound black guy, ran out into the game room, with baseball bats in hand. I saw the guy but the crowd was thick and by the time I got there, he took off. I never saw him ever again. this was 1989.
  10. http://newyork.craigslist.org/lgi/vgm/1570727422.html
  11. I was talking to my friend, scream and fly, about the a-team. we used to watch it religously. I asked him why the video game industry didnt create a game on the a-team, just as they did with dukes of hazard, knight rider and other popular shows from the 70's and 80's. he then showed me this: does anyone know where this is from???????
  12. I wish I knew how to do it on this cab but I dont. I didnt build it.
  13. i got it!!! you press the "2" and the "3" at the same time and the menu comes up!!! or the "3" and the "4". now, when i boot up, i get this error "floppy disk fail (40). is the battery issue again? I was playing with the battery quite a bit, could i have killed it?
  14. yea, it doesnt do anything. the only things that work are 1,5, p, the up and down arrows and f12 (speed up)
  15. I have had issues with this cab in the past. heres what some details about the past. if I take out the battery, would it resolve the issue? http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/140127-need-help-w-my-mame-cab/page__p__1694191__fromsearch__1entry1694191
  16. thats the trouble....im a newbie at this. what you just described to me is something I will never be able to do! I was hoping for a function (like press F5 and the right arrow button) to access the area where I need t delete the file or perhaps gain access to the "tab" fuction all together.
  17. thats another problem: i cant seem to get anymore to do those possible functions. I searched and I read I needed to delete default.cfg. but I cannot get into any files in order to access them. I have no idea how to do it.
  18. arcadeOS 2.45 is that a mame version? here are my settings, perhaps someone can tell me what is creating the problem?
  19. sorry I could not edit my previous post. This question of yours as with some of your others shows that you are not too familiar with how MAME actually works... this is not a criticism by the way, just an observation. I suggest that you do some reading and studying with some of the general FAQs out there. The ROMS in any emulator are kept with the software emulators on your hard drive. they have nothing at all to do with what speed processor or motherboard you have so if you swap your mobo out and keep the hard drive, there is no need to "add" anything. the software and roms will still be in the same place they were. You will need to research the specs on the computer you are using and compare them with the specs of the motherboard and/or processor you want to swap with because it may not even be compatible with the rest of your hardware. If I were you I'd just go out and get a used 1 or 2Ghz machine, install a fresh version of XP and copy over the contents of the old hard drive to the new machine and call it a day. You'll spend maybe $100 if that on ebay for a used computer that is newer than the one you're using in the cabinet. But either way, definitely go check out all the general MAME FAQs and study up on it. It is a very rewarding and fun hobby for the entire family. I dont know alot about mame. what Im doing is by accident or trail and error. the cab has a dedicated computer in it. my problem is that I cannot access the mame meny via the tab button, or any button any longer. Is there I can turn it back to its default? does anyone remember the battery situation I had not too long ago? perhaps if i take out the battery, it will reset it itself?
  20. I dont think I can even check my settings. it turns on, I can play all the games but when I want to go to the tab menu, it doesnt let me. I know I may have done something a while ago when I was messing with the settings but now I think I may have deactivated it. Is there a way I can reset it?
  21. I cant seem to access the menu anymore on my mame cab. its a pentium 1 I believe. I have asked for help and everyone has been able to help me here. In the past, all I would need to do is plug in my keyboard and press the "tab" button and I would access the games. now, for some reason, the "tab" button wont work at all. I have tried different keyboards but nothing has worked. can someone recommend a fix? thanks!
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