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  1. What!? This post is like a psychedelic horror movie! sorry, i meant they look at me as if I had 10 heads.
  2. the thing is that most of these people that buy these dont know about the emulators. and when you try to explain it to them, they look at you with 10 heads. for instance, I had a best friend since I was 13. we spent many, many years in the arcades. he was an expert at any video game he played. we called him "fathead" and "pumkinhead" because of his enormous head. we used to pounce on him but he loved it. he was into home games systems and computers as well. well, we lost contact with eachother in 93 and I recently reunited thanks to facebook and I told him about the ems and he didnt seem too interested. it upset me because we lived on video games. but what can you do?
  3. FREE!!!!!! http://longisland.craigslist.org/for/1526538298.html I have 2 free arcade redemption games to give away for free, you would only have to change the coin mech both games work 100% and are very heavy. These are ticket redemption games like you see in Chucky Cheese I have a Wheel M In game and a Baseball Game... These games are for free , they are in my basement and you will need to bring help to lift them up. Only one will fit in a SUV . They will not fit in a car... If interested first come first takes... Email your number if you are interested and ready to pick up and I will call you back
  4. I tried playing it today and none of the fire buttons seem to work. is this a common problem? its doesnt start like a normal game, either. I have to wait 25 seconds before it starts. can anyone give me info on it?
  5. yup.....super mario brothers! sounds like theyre sampling the old nes sound.
  6. they had an nes there with a couple of controllers but i left it. im done hoarding nes's!
  7. every year, a catholic school sells its donated item by its parishners. I always get a sneak peek and pre sale option because I once attended the school before getting thrown out. well, this is what I found for $3:
  8. years ago, I used to see a video arcade game outside a bowling alley by me. I would want to pick it up but I had no idea how to fix it. I should have paid more attention to repairing the games when I worked at time out!
  9. http://longisland.craigslist.org/zip/1483141191.html its near me but I have no way of getting back to my house in time!
  10. well, it wasnt bs from me. I was excited to see it but stupid not to save it. I apoligize if I got anybody excited over it. but i am wondering if they did release it, why? wasnt it terrible when it came to the games in regards to making connections? I would much rather see a top loader released, like the black one thats out with the nes and snes.
  11. It could be. could you provide a picture? I read the description and it didnt say anything about inserting cartridges which would lead me to believe it maybe a famiclone.
  12. I performed the exact same search, and this is what came up: This is what you saw. There's no possible way an NES from 1986 is going to be on sale at Wal-Mart. no, this is not what I. I said it was a 1986 NES and the image was cropped to give it a slimmer look.
  13. if it is, then Im pissed someone pulled a scam and created a fake page while I was looking for deals!
  14. ? nah, that wasnt it. it was an actual 86 nes, with 2 controllers. I spoke to SCREAM AND FLY and he said it might have been a famicom one.
  15. Im trying but no luck. I checked my history and its not there either.
  16. i went to google and searched BLACK FRIDAY SALES WALMART and thats how i came across.
  17. I dont think I read in an ad but they provided a link and showed a picture, and the photo wwas cropped, sorta of giving it a slimmer look.
  18. yea, that happened at the walmart on the other side of the county I live in, it boarders with queens and they blame the nyc people for the death.
  19. Could be one of those Jakks Pacific type things with built-in games. I dont know but the photo they showed was an actually NES with controllers. i will try and find it again.
  20. I was going through black friday ads and I found one that said walmart was offering a retro nes for something like $35. is this possible?
  21. If you need help making phone calls, I have free minutes so I'm game. The only reason to have a Cricket phone. isnt it a toll free number?
  22. Couple things: 1) She is hot. And if you remember, people would get her and Sheila E. confused (well, I did). Kind of like Patty Smyth and Patti Smith. One was hot, the other, well, you know. 2) Talk about collecting! Private Heaven on CD is OOP and worth about $30! I found one at Goodwill for $2.50! 3) In the video, those look like her video games. That means (a) she wouldn't break them, and (b) she's cool. 4) She sings something about a "cold heart" as she turns to Sinistar. shelia e was alot hotter than sheen eastaon. shelia starred in a movie with my boss and aslo performed in his club. sheena is a bitch, from what Im told by people in the industry.
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