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  1. as much as I want it, I cant afford it right now and my house is the #1 priority so I will give the link here for a lucky person, probably a long islander, to scoop it up. http://newyork.craigslist.org/lgi/tag/1319806684.html
  2. videotape? I didnt know those things existed anymore!
  3. WOW!!! It looks amazing! but is it hard to play it since the screen is in the center and the control sticks are to the left and right of the screen?
  4. ok, so who went? I went. Got there about 6:58am and left about 7:02am, so that should tell you how it went. I can only speak regarding Atari 2600 stuff, because that is all I collect and look for.I saw about 4 common boxed games and a bin of commons rarity 1-4. Then he had some other his "rare" carts set up on another table. When I saw a loose SSSnake cart for $10.00 I knew it was time to go. I was there and I probably just missed you. I can't believe when looking at your profile that you and I were born on the same day...I thought I mistakingly clicked on my own profile... As suspected, this was a collector's fire sale and no one was going to walk away with the deal of the century. However, I did get a fair deal in my mind. Here's what I picked up: one Wico 5200 controller with y adapter in box two CV Super Action Controllers two Atari Proline Joysticks CV 2600 expansion module five 5200 carts about a dozen 2600 carts three PS1 games I took pix and will post them on Monday. how much did you pay?
  5. I dont know if youll get "garage sale prices" from this guy. he is a hardcore collector and he will know what things are worth. ive been to garage sales that collectors hold and you rarely get a bargain.
  6. actually, companies did give you the time of day back then. I used to write to companies like coleco, kenner and milton bradley all the time and they would right me back. It was great. nowadays, youd be lucky to get a generic email!
  7. anything is possible. Ive seen video of people wiping thier butts with $100 bills!
  8. OK, I agree - the 5200 controllers did what they were supposed to do and that was not self-center and therefore that makes them inferior. I...don't recall them as being advertised as self centering? Do you have any screenshots of ads from back then? Or did they advertise 360 degrees of motion? Don't blame the tool blame the user. The controllers are far from inferior. That's just opinion. Really, if you can't play well enough to use the controller I would suggest an easier system. Stick with a CV would be my suggestion. I like both systems, and am good enough to enjoy both. I don't let my lack of skill hamper me from playing. you dont recall them being advertised as self centering? um, joystick are supposed to self center themselves! if they dont, thier obviously defective and "stick". major flaw in the 5200 controller. I wonder why they never fixed it. coleco obviously upgraded thier contollers. why didnt atari?
  9. theres still an arcade by my house in the basement of a flea market. its very dingy and nasty to go to but they do have about 15 video games, an air hockey table and a few assorted sit down games. you need tokens but the most it cost to play a game was between 75 and a dollar. I remember an arcade in a mall by me that would offer 6 tokens for a dollar. now that was a bargain!
  10. bro, they had a ms pacman/galago machine at the local deli by me and they want a $1 to play!
  11. yes, that is her! she said the kids really dont play with it much and if it were left there any longer, it may just get worse. afterall, the games is over 25 years old and most kids dont even know what a video arcade game is!
  12. A friend of mine stopped by my house yesterday (she is an 80's music star who goes by the name of Shannon) and she noticed my mame cab. she then told me she had given a ms pac man arcade machine to a youth center not too long ago and she thought I would be interested in it. she says it has some graffatti on it (the youth center is located in brooklyn) but she said I could have it and retore it. I do not know the extent of the vandilism so do you think it is worth it?
  13. thats why, the 5200 joystick failed. case closed. why would one have to go through all the trouble of centering a joystick when it's supposed to be its a normal function?
  14. There are no recorded sales figures for the Colecovision or the 5200. Anybody saying one sold more than the other is talking out their $#s. Allan I knew alot more people with a coleco than a 5200. the kids I knew with a 5200 had no one to trade thier games with. the coleco kids did.
  15. laundrymats! oh forgot they had them!!! my ex used to work in a laundrymat and they had 10 of the hottest games all the time. it was in a bad part of long island so there was always trouble going on there and the games were always tampered with. she had to call the cops all the time. the neighborhood kids used to huslte the other kids out of quarters.
  16. stereos didnt go down much. I paid $900 for a stereo in 1989 and it didnt even come with a cd player! and I paid $1100 for a pansonic camcorder!
  17. For a while I thought the 2600 was a 4-Bit system, simply due to it's graphics. Later on I learned that it had an 8-Bit CPU like the NES. But taking graphics into account, I still have trouble accepting it as an 8-Bit system... i thought the 2600 was a 2 bit!
  18. running out of topics? next question....how many arcade games had 4 sides and a screen?
  19. how many of us got into fights with other kids when youd have a quarter for the next game and someone would swipe it while your were busy playing? been there, done that! i mean, i never took quarters but kids swiped mine a couple of times.
  20. not me! I remember finding a key to a gauntlet game back in 1987 and my friends are I spent our entire friday nights at the roller rink playing it. what fun times!
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