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  1. Looks like this will be during my lunch hour, so I should be able to make it!
  2. Yes, there's two patches, but it's 40 and 95 stars. There's an easter egg hidden in the game that gets you an additional 15 stars.
  3. I was afraid someone was going to ask that. It's just a little graphic design thing I do for my own amusement. Nothing for public consumption.
  4. OK, well, I think we're done! No one's come back to me with any other problems, and I've been testing the heck out of it, and it all seems good. So let's call the Apr 11 release above the final one. Naturally, since I "finished" with the game, I've had a whole bunch of ideas for stuff I'd like to add. But I'm pretty maxed out of the 8k I'm using already, and it's time I move onto something else. I'll save those ideas for a future sequel to the game. I've sent the release candidates (NTSC & PAL60) to Albert. These are the same as the above final digital releases, with the addition of 2 easter eggs. I understand that Albert's a busy guy, so I'm going to move onto a non-Atari project that's been sitting around for a year or so until we're ready to get started on artwork and whatnot for the physical release. I'm planning on doing a couple high score patches with the release. I have nothing definite set yet, but I'm thinking one will be your traditional high score patch (I'm thinking "Notely Rescue Squad Member"), and I think the score needed will be 150,000. That's about where you should be if you start from Level 1, and make it through to the end of Level 2. So, tough for someone new to the game, but quite attainable with some practice. Let me know if you think that's too easy (or too tough). The other patch will be a smaller supplemental one that you'll earn for completing Level 9. That will trigger one of the afore-mentioned easter eggs (as for the other easter egg, I'm keeping that a secret), and that'll get you the other patch. I won't be doing anything on this yet though until close to the actual release of the game, so I may change all this. Anyway, a huge thanks to those of you who have followed the development of this game and who have enjoyed it so far. I've been blown away by the support for the game and how many of you have said you liked it. I hope you consider purchasing a copy when it's available in the AtariAge Store, or if not, continue to enjoy the final digital release. And a nomination for the next ZPH Homebrew Awards would be nice too. 🤣🤣🤣 So, what's next for me.... As I mentioned, I'm going to work on a non-Atari project for a while, which I think should take me 3-4 months or so. After that, then I'll be starting on my next game. I'm sure I'll be posting about that when I have something playable (or more likely, when I need help). All I'm going to say about that game is... 2 player co-op. Oh, and it won't be another Mr. Yo-Yo game. Completely different idea for this one. THANKS EVERYONE!
  5. So it looks like we're just about ready! We've got one last little glitch to solve, and that's it. I was able to add a couple of easter eggs to the game, which will be in the cartridge version of the game. I've tested the heck out of it, and they're working as they should. More importantly, everything else is still working as it should after I added the easter eggs, so I didn't screw up anything in the process. Just curious - has anyone tried the 2-player co-op version? I'm wondering how it plays. I tested it out by mapping both controllers to the keyboard, so I could play as both players, so I know it works, but I haven't had a chance to try it out with someone else as it's intended. Very curious as to how the 2-player Co-op plays with two actual players.
  6. Fantastic! Looks like we're good! We'll go ahead then, and hopefully we'll have a cartridge ready for purchase in the AA Store sometime in the fall!
  7. Responded on the other thread. 🙂 Thanks!
  8. Thanks. I'll make a note of that for future games. The way the code is currently structured, this would be too difficult a change to make at this point. The PAL colors are looking good! The NTSC colors are messed up, but I'm assuming that's expected from playing an NTSC format game on a PAL tv. If you could, just to make sure they're the same colors you're seeing on the CRT. Thanks!
  9. So guess what arrived in the mail today? 🤣 Problem resolved! 🤣
  10. Thanks! Forgot about that thread. I should've checked it. That's good to know. I think I'm well past 2 weeks, but I'll go back and check.
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