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  1. Actually I wonder if any of these will run on the JAGSD!
  2. winkdot

    The Goons

    I tried the repetition restrainer method but never got it to work well. Not sure why. Likely me. So I did some more adjustment to how I was doing it. Version .06 has this change. As always it is in the first post. Let me know what you think.
  3. winkdot

    Doom Patrol

    Thanks Chewy. Glad you enjoy it. Makes the time doing it worthwhile!
  4. Good Job. Really like this. Sound is nice. Just feels good playing it.
  5. winkdot

    The Goons

    Thanks guys will take yet another look.
  6. winkdot

    The Goons

    Thanks for testing it! Is is good enough?
  7. winkdot

    The Goons

    Version .05 Changed goon death so he shows what hit him Once again increased the debounce for the up and down movement. Let me know if it's better for you.
  8. winkdot

    Shark Jaws +

    05 update Some minor graphic changes
  9. winkdot

    The Goons

    Version .04 Changes to some enemies. A bit of code cleanup. Special thanks for info from Muddyfunster
  10. Update - Harmony attempt. update 1.0 harmony - it runs slower. If you do not use the harmony to play I don't think you want this version as it runs slower. I don't have a harmony so to test I have been putting breaks for scan lines.
  11. Nice! That 7800 version of Baby looks great. Bob always does superior work. Iesposta, saw your name in the credits. Did you do the sound?
  12. winkdot

    The Goons

    Version .03 Did some level balance changes. Added a castle to each level - Avoid them.
  13. I used to have a real Baby Pac-man machine. Loved it but it has a special board in it that's sorta one of a kind (Vidiot! currently about $500 or so). It's complicated machine. I figured the board would fail in time so I ended up selling it. Have not seen the baby-pac man on the 7800. That sound great. Is it still a WiP? I never knew what I was getting into with Alien Pinball. The code in it is sort of crazy. Collisions were difficult and ball physics were hard (for me anyway). I put in gravity but overall it's just not right, just as close as I could get.
  14. RT, I would love to take a look at the code. You can PM me or post here if you like. thanks!
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