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  1. Another vote for Beamrider. It really is an excellent shooter and it looks pretty good too. Pressure Cooker is another splendid light puzzle / action game with high production values that because it came out late and because of the subject matter probably didn't get much attention. Modern games like Overcooked have clear roots in this little game. Space Shuttle - probably more people admired than played this one. Setting aside the technical achievement I found this to be a really enjoyable game that despite just being a series of very simple micro-games somehow became more than a sum of its parts. Cartridge size meant you only had one mission type of course but imagine what could have been done with some more ROM? Solar Storm - a shmup with paddle control!! At first this game looks really unfair because you can't dodge the enemy lasers - but once you realise each enemy can only fire once it starts to make sense. You can also position your self just out of line with the enemy laser and fire back although this takes a great deal of skill once things start to speed up. Great look and sound to this one too. I've also always been fond of Realsports Volleyball which at first looks so primitive but spend some time with it and its charms soon reveal themselves. I'm also a fan of its graphical style.
  2. If it's a US console it may well be working OK. European TVs will not pick up the signal however. I had to get my US 2600 modified for composite to get it working on my UK TV.
  3. Magnificent effort @SpiceWare I take my hat off to you.
  4. Does NTSC Asteroids play faster than the PAL version or is it speed adjusted?
  5. Great work. Enhances a superb one player game to get an amazing 2 player. Can't have enough of those!
  6. Kind of cheating but Space Shuttle has an ending too if you successfully land. You get a ranking as part of it. It's really about "adventure" style games though? Of course - Adventure and Superman have endings. Superman even gives you a time so you can go for best time. Would have been nice if Adventure gave that. All about resources though - a count of the number of steps you took to beat Adventure would have been a nice feature but it would have used up valuable ROM and RAM to implement. I always like the fact that many of activision's games ended at 1m points. I'm sure Atari could have ended games if they felt the need - but I suppose they didn't want players to be limited - Breakout's old 2 wall limit meant the game had limited appeal once it was beaten - bad in an arcade game or a home game back then - so coding for arcade games playing to infinity with score rollover was a design decision probably.
  7. Quality ink in those old impact line printers.....glad it didn't fade.
  8. I misread this topic - thought it was looking for IMpossible falling block games to do on 2600. Was going to post Wetrix. But I won't...... Pretty much any pit-based puzzle game could be done due to the vertical stacking style of play - it's basically manipulating a background.
  9. What was different about the Special Editions? There were a few games like that. Pele Soccer had it too if I remember right? Was it to do with the introduction of extra easy children's editions? The lowest level on Video Chess was super easy to beat.
  10. Under rated - I love Space War. We used to have a great time with that - my cousins, bro and I - stayovers - using the b&w TV in the bedroom Was a great change from Combat.
  11. Yeah - ROM is on this site somewhere. It's a superb game. There's the homebrew Gunfight as well which is a brilliant update of Outlaw. But there's plenty of 2 player versus threads here. There's a deluxe version of Kaboom! in the hack threads that has a 2 player versus mode - take turns controlling the bomber. It needed a bit more fine tuning as far as I remember - not sure if there's been more work done.
  12. I remember a type-in in a magazine back in the 80s for Life. Think it was an Apple IIe version. As always it was painful to type in and get working. Was underwhelming at the time but all I wanted then was Space Invaders!! It's a rather interesting little example of how simple rules can create a surprising amount of complexity.
  13. Ah.....I didn't read the OP correctly. That means the Fischer algorithm can be implemented in Java which would create a bin for playing with one outcome of that. Thanks. Will have a look at that.
  14. The code is Java - was expecting assembler - have you some sort of tool that compiles java to 2600 assembler? Or are you using 3GL just as a way of testing functionality and then hand assembling its equivalent?
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