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  1. Sprintmaster, not Speedway II my reply misquoted (apologies). Yes, was released in the UK in PAL format. I do still have the box and cartridge somewhere, possibly in my parent's loft. When I visit England next year I'll see if I can dig it out and scan it in for this site.
  2. quote: Originally posted by MattyXB: Street Racer (Speedway II) Speedway II is what it was, ahhh memories! Where I got Grand Prix 2 from is anyone's guess Thanks, Matty. Chris
  3. Perhaps some veteran Atari users can help me find this game... I've been thinking for many years that a game called Grand Prix 2 existed and it was one of my favourite Atari 2600 games. Can I find it? No. Conclusions are that my addled memory is wrong or that it had a different name in Europe. Here is what I remember: Cartridge and Box (Silver): Had a picture of two F1-Style cars blue and read racing around a corner Game: Overhead view of a race track and the idea was to race the red and blue cars against each other, I believe the track colour was black and everything else apart from the cars was green. You could pick up a speed and traction powerups and there where such hazards as the wall, each other and oil slicks. 'Twas fun, I wasted 2 entire summers with various friends playing this game to death. Now it appears I can't find it Unfortunately, my copy is 4,000 miles away in England along with the rest of my Atari games+ system so I can't go dig it out and find the game (at least, not without a lot of expense!). Anyone remember this game? Have I got the name wrong or is it just not available? I'm pretty sure I didn't dream it! Chris
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