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  1. The perfectionist in me is going to die trying to scan everything in this game. Arrrrgh.
  2. If you center the wheel prior to plugging it in, then power on the system, it ought to calibrate properly. If not, yours may have an issue.
  3. The list of BC titles at Xbox.com contains exactly 383 titles. I was estimating a total of 600 US titles for the original Xbox, based on the only list I could find, which results in 63.83% of the games being compatible. Pony up a different figure if you disagree ... I really don't care either way, just trying to be helpful to the guy that asked for a rough figure.
  4. Extremely roughly? 60% 383 compatible out of about 600 US releases (according to the only list I could find).
  5. I like them enough that it's a little depressing to play through a title on another system now and not get some sort of little trinket for accomplishing things. And I enjoy the ones that are just a little out of the way, too. In Crackdown, for example, during the course of my gameplay I found about 95% of the agility orbs. Will I go for 100% and the achievement? You bet. I only found about 30% of the hidden orbs, though, during my normal gameplay. Will I find the rest of those just to get the achievement? Nah. Continuing the Crackdown example, I think the "do this" achievements are pretty fun most of the time, such as "Get a car 200 ft. high" or "Get to the top of the Agency tower and jump off without dying." Nothing you'd do in the course of a normal game, but fun little challenges left by the developers.
  6. FYI, Phantasy Star 360 is in bins by the register at my local Best Buy for $4.99 at the moment. I have no desire to get hooked into the online portion of the game, but did just pick it up yesterday for the single player ... impossible to pass it up at five bucks.
  7. IMHO based on 6 months of trying to like it, the Madcatz stick is terrible. I think the only other option, and it's a pretty good one for the games you mentioned, is the Hori DOA4 stick that got released in December 2005. Hori will be releasing another similar stick alongside Virtua Fighter 5 before too long, as well. They have an 8-way stick so they're not ideal for Pac-man, but they're sure better than an analog stick.
  8. You mean the NES/SMS Generation. I don't mind going on the record saying that while I prefer handheld joysticks to be right-hand operated (like the 2600 stick), I think a D-pad + buttons setup should only put the directional controls on the left side like this prototype ... especially if it expects to have any commercial success. If it were on the right, every mainstream review of the product would contain: "Cons: why is the D-pad on the right?" and likely an entire paragraph slamming the issue. Anyone who has used a console in the past 20 years has this muscle memory now, even if it's different than the muscle memory for the games that we played in the 2600's heyday.
  9. Why the USB Host port, and not a 5-pin Mini USB for downloading from a computer? (Or am I just seeing that wrong?)
  10. 1 LEFT I've got an unused Xbox Live Marketplace code good for the 2003 Nissan Fairlady Z exclusive preorder bonus car in Forza 2. I'd like to trade it off for any other XBLM codes, for almost anything like maps, cars, TV shows, etc. Let me know if you need the car and you've got anything to get rid of. I'll also take $2.50 via PayPal for the code if you just want to buy it. PM me if interested. Code will be delivered via PM, unless you want to pay postage for the actual preorder card.
  11. Just call 'em Pikminions and be done with it.
  12. I'll add that the music just freaks me out. I disapprove. It's like the soundtrack to a scifi spy comedy. Seriously, it morphs from James Bond-esque tunes, to orchestral swells, to something that made me feel like I should be playing Earthworm Jim, not a spacey shmup.
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