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  1. I can't resist, lol. subtitles are on the screen, not a controller. It's not the same thing at all. Most every game has a gauge, meter or a timer you have to keep an eye on on the screen. Hey, but you can read while passively watching a movie, good for you. you say you made it clear that you are getting rid of your DC? LOL. But what you actually said was... "I'm not looking to expand the discussion Dreamcast one of the last remaining Retro systems i own now looking to get shot of" ...which makes no sense at all. You also said... "I'm hardly going to have fun with my VMU" ...which is what pretty much any DC user says. you say you aren't agreeing with me, but, what do you call it when someone repeats the same thing I just said? Hrmm... I get that I am new here and came off harsh to some of you, but a couple of you really aren't making much sense.
  2. Not at all. Looking at your controller during gameplay is going to take you out of it. as your eyes search for the tiny screen and then jump back to the TV. Again, there is a reason it's never been done since. As I reread your statement, apart from the not having to pause, you seem to be agreeing with me. The things I am saying are nothing new. A couple guys on AA have a different opinion, whatever. Have fun playing your VMU buddy. I am now ignoring this topic. Have a nice day fellas.
  3. Ding ding ding. The games you mentioned, I didn't play. The mini games on the VMU were whack. The battery life was minimal, so get used to it beeping every time you turn it on. I don't see anything you listed up there worthwhile. Just a gimmick to sell kids VMUs. BTW, you could barely see that screen and looking at your hands instead of the TV makes zero sense. There is a reason why it has never been attempted again.
  4. Guys, no one was playing those games or using those pads in my circle of friends. I'm guessing you don't want to hear opinions that differ from your own. We worked in arcades. We played fighting games and went to arcade tournaments often. At the competitive level we played them, no one had time for that kind of stuff. Sorry if I came off harsh, but I am agreeing with what others have already said. Bottom line, I used the correct sticks/controllers for the games that I enjoyed. Once any of us used the green stick or ascii pad, no one wanted to use the packed in pad. lol. which meant games that used the analog didn't get played. My little brother played jet grind, I had ONE friend who loved crazy taxi. Again, those are 1 player games and we played 2 player vs games. Now that I think about it, we had a large group of players, all wanting to play fighting games. No one was going to sit around and watch one guy play an adventure game. For what it's worth, when it was just me, I played a good deal of resident evil code veronica with the pad. But in all seriousness, for a fighting game fan, there were so many good titles, there was no reason to play other stuff.
  5. yeah, I've never seen the PCB board so I have no idea if you can solder a USB port on that sucker or not. Maybe if you can dump your firmware and hack it and push it back on, No clue. Maybe rkflashtool would work?
  6. Correct me if I am wrong, please, but this is my understanding. So, Antiques are 100 years old or more. Anything less than 100 years but still "old" (but not less than 20 years) is vintage. Vintage just means the time it came from, think vintage wines. Retro is something less then 20 years old or even a new item modeled after something in the last 20 years, like an Atari flashback. Classic would mean the best of the best from the vintage time it's from, think '57 Chevy car. So, XP, it's obviously vintage, but classic? I suppose so.
  7. No, it was trash. Nickel and diming people with VMU's that added nothing and rumble packs. I get that it was modeled after the Saturn Knights into Dreams pad. I am in Springfield, Illinois, but I traveled all over at that time. Pretty much the same thing wherever I went. Sega Tennis and 2K basketball. I was a huge fan of the Dreamcast. Still am. But, the things people are saying are true. A big reason no one around here didn't play much Jet Grind or Crazy Taxi was because of the damn controller. No one wanted to use it. The reason we got 2 green sticks and the blue and black ascii snk and capcom pads was because the packed in pad was so bad. Also the reason we played mainly fighters on the console.
  8. I don't agree with this, at least in my area. DC games absolutely vanished from store shelves. You would only see a handful of crap titles at most at any store. Oh, they still supported it, but all you could find was crap no one wanted. In fact, that's pretty much how I remember the entire DC run. The console was great, but the controllers sucked. You had to be savvy to find the good games you wanted or else just get a bootleg version of them to play. Controller was trash. Period. Besides the Agetech sticks I had a few of the Ascii pads as well. They were nice too.
  9. I totally get what you mean but they "win" in name only, in reality winning comes with a sense of accomplishment and self confidence boost. (Maybe even an a little bit of an adrenaline rush) They probably don't experience any that. What they are really doing is stealing that from the 2nd place person. They actually "cheated" themselves of the real feeling of accomplishment. Damn, I'm old, haha. I sound like my Grade school teachers.
  10. the controllers weren't great. the cord came out of the bottom??? While there were a decent number of sega and capcom titles for the system, finding the actual discs for sale was another thing. I basically only saw crap like sega tennis and whatnot in stores. Being a windows machine it was hacked very early on, and with self booting backups, you didnt need mod chips or swap method. Anyone could just throw a bootleg game in and it would work. There was a point early on that I stopped buying retail games, personally. i had two agetech fightsticks and every fighting game. So I too loved the dreamcast. The reality is most people only had the crappy standard pads and basic stuff like sonic and other games mentioned here. Most people I knew didn't own any good titles. So I see why the masses didn't really take notice. Things like no Tekken and leaning hard into the 2K sports titles was a huge turnoff for me. Things like MVC2, Power Stone, Cannon Spike, Soul Calibur, MK Gold, SF3, SFA3, Rival Schools, DOA2, Hydro Thunder, etc etc etc is really the highlight of the system to me. Stuff like Crazy Taxi, Jet Grind Radio, etc were okay, but I don't feel they are better than the games I mentioned. They were just the easy to find in a store titles, so that's the games that most people remember.
  11. I heard there is no way to hack these units. I don't think it is possible to update the firmware on these units. The only idea I have is to solder a USB connection to the PCB board and use some kind of rockchip tool to push an update onto the unit. I do have one question, what firmware version number does your About Screen show? Later U.S. models with the reset hole on the bottom came with OTG support out of the box.
  12. At the time, arcades saw a rebirth with fighting games. Around here none of us played console games anymore, just arcade games. The PSX was the same thing as the arcade's Namco System 11. If you were a Tekken player, or other Namco arcade game player, it was a must have. The PSX came out and home games were approaching arcade perfect. Saturn was nice for Sega and Capcom arcade games. But you often needed ram carts and such. Good games were not easy to come by around here. A lot of importing and crazy prices. I realize there is more to it all, but this is what I remember experiencing at the time. I actually got lucky and got a shit ton of Saturn games from a grocery store that rented them and decided to stop and sell them all for next to nothing. Just rental discs only, no cases or manuals, but I snagged all the good ones. My PSX had a mod chip, so we could copy and burn any game we got our hands on. PSX was the clear winner by leaps and bounds in my circle of friends.
  13. I think the only things that change across the various portables is... 1. Shape and color (there are two basic shapes) 2. Game count/list 3. Screen size 4. SD Card storage size that is supported. (Older units support smaller cards, later woodgrain is up to 32GBs, I think.
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