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  1. Hello Everyone! Just picked up another 7800 this evening. First one since 2009!!! Sadly, the controllers don't work properly and the picture is a little fuzzy (likely due to the utilization of a Turbo Grafx RF adapter). Pretty cool its a first production run unit... I suppose with a little more monetary investment and some TLC, this unit will be refurbed in no time!
  2. I picked up a few Jag games and systems in the Detroit area from Electronics Boutique, Babbages, and mail order. For some reason, the retailer EB would pack the game right into the box that was displayed on the shelf... Games were never shrink wrapped when purchased new, boxes were sometimes worn from being on display - which I found rather interesting.
  3. All topics in this forum are simply wonderful/awesome as is this particular topic. While some Jag games do receive more coverage, critical panning, and sentiment than others - the possibility exists our experience with Jag games is/could be considered deeper than playability, graphics, sound, and other content such as control. Rather, our experience with Jag games could likely define how we feel about them. Who did we play Jag with? What size was the screen of our television? Where were we when we played the games? and, What significant event if any at all was transpiring in our lives at the time (such as college/high school graduation)? Such questions can/could or may be equated to our overall sentiment related to the most over-hyped Jag games. As I reflect, many of the games mentioned here in this thread were hyped-up in some capacity. I recall Thea Realm Fighters and Magic Carpet getting some hyped-up press coverage, only to be cancelled - while games like Pinball Fantasies and I-War (Both memorable/excellent games) seemingly failed to make an indent in terms of press coverage. Like others stated, Iron Soldier comes to mind as a title that was over-hyped. Although credit can be given for its originality and assortment of stages/weapons... I wonder, however, if my sentiment of the game would be markedly different had it been played in a different room, on a different television, and during a different time in my life? I enjoy these discussions and look forward to additional insight and viewpoints!
  4. Thank you for the reflective feedback, Bill! As I also reflect, I realize the selection of Checkered Flag was a simple maneuver based on the curiosity of what actually constitutes as a bad game in terms of playability, replay value, and presentation. The polygon colors in Checkered flag were vibrant in contrast to other titles such as I-War, and the amount of options were seemingly unprecedented at the time - eg, 99 laps, day/dark (with code), and air foil position among others. Aside from the options, the instruction manual included language suggesting the steering was a challenge. Although I haven't found sufficient material to cite in terms of development, as you may know the game purportedly began as a work in progress with a few different titles, complete with input and sentiment from industry professionals. Although unsuccessful in finding information related to the genesis of Checkered Flag and reference to the numerous work in progress titles, I found one source indicating a formula one racing game would be available at product launch (McGowan, 1993). Similar to many other individuals on this forum, I wonder if Checkered Flag would have been markedly different if released under one of the other working titles. Reference McGowan, C. (1993). Atari hopes to regain lost glory. Billboard, 105(31), 49. Retrieved from ProQuest database.
  5. 36 years old... Received my first Jag via mail order in 1994. I had the ability to select a free game with the system so I chose checkered flag over all others available. Checkered flag was not unplayable as some media sources suggested, rather, I found it quite amusing. Sadly, I'd given my Jag, games, and accessories such as the pro controller to a friend some years ago and miss the system dearly.
  6. I believe Ms. Pac-Man and Pole Position II are both categorized as: Hall of Fame, top five on the system. Every time I purchase a 7800, I am sure to add each of these games to my collection as soon as possible. They have a tremendous replay value. There are certain games on a system that system owners keep in their software libraries that often lead to the question, "what game have I not played for a while?". Pole position II and Ms. Pac-Man are those go-to games in my 7800 library. Thank you for posting this thread, for the thread enabled me to reflect on my experience with the 7800 and these two games.
  7. I often wonder about Zzyorxx II, the shooter from Virtual Xperience (Super Burnout)...
  8. I really enjoyed any Atari system I ever owned. Years have passed since I owned an Atari and I miss it immensely. From the days of picking up many 2600/7800 new in box games at Meijer in 1990/1991 or waiting for the Jag CD to clearance at EB (29.99 - sweet deal) to even picking up sweet homebrews like BeefDrop - the Atari experience always rocked. It is really cool to know there is so much support of the awesome Atari products here on this website. Hopefully I will be able to pick up another Atari in the future - they are the best systems to own!
  9. Jaguar games I disliked: - White Men Can Jump - Val D' - Hover Strike - Dino Dudes - Bubsy Games that are great!, however way underrated as follows: + Power Drive Rally + Pinball Fantasies + I-War (way underrated!!!) + Vid Grid + Breakout 2000
  10. Thanks again! The game is as cool as the critics say! Its all about making that one jump and then shooting that robot! Excellent!
  11. Thanks for all your input! This helps alot!
  12. I cannot get anywhere in Flashback after picking up the holocube. I usually get boored or die by accidentally falling. Does anybody know if there is a Jag-specific walkthrough on the internet, or know what to do next? I seem to find the Genesis/Saturn walkthroughs but never Jag. Are all versions exactly the same? Thank you all for your time!
  13. I love Checkered Flag! Definately agree the steering is awkward, and will take time to get used to, but it adds challenge. As I may have mentioned in a previos post reply, I'll bet the programmers/engineers tried to make it seem like a person was really trying to control a real life race car travelling at 165+ miles an hour... Problably pretty tough! Although I applaud their attempt at a real life simulation, it simply did not transfer very well into a video game... Here's my review: Graphics: Bright polygon graphics that appear very uncommon on Jaguar polygon games. Framerate is descent and at times players will see glimpses of different graphics (Red Line Racing?) for a milisecond... Overall score 7.5 (I like em, they are not the dark shaded super common polygon graphics players will see on other games). Music: Great tunes reminicent of the late eighties/early nineties. I like it alot. overall score: 8 Control: The biggest surprise, if players try a few taps of the brake and d-pad, the turning should eventually be mastered. Replay value: This game has many options and configurations to make each time you play a different experience. I like switching up the weather, airfoil, and tires on different tracks. This game kept me captive since 1995... Final score: 9.5
  14. I love that game! It is funny that they blurred out the Blond girl giving the finger at the end of the Aerosmith video. I once heard Atari was working on Country Grid and Kid Grid, too bad nothing transpired!
  15. I wish the Sega/Atari money deal (for use of 9 pin joystick connections I believe) would have came to fruition. A graphically updated Phantasy Star I would have been great! I think Atari should have made Alien Brigade 2000, an update and inclusion of the 7800 game. Although an SNK title, I would like to see Midnight Mutants 2000! I also would have liked to see an Atari 5200 games compilation for Jag CD. I heard once or twice Atari was working on a "Pong" for the Jag, as that would be cool too!
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