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  1. Looking for a boxed copy of Spider-Man for the Atari 2600. Prefer the cleanest CIB copy available but would consider others. Mostly sentimental in nature, let me know if you have one to sell. Thanks
  2. Wow, that is one nice machine. Emailing you now.
  3. Kyle22, Holy crap that was harsh I take it you're not a fan of the XEGS. That particular system happens to have a color scheme that goes with the shoot. Keep in mind this is photo shoot is not specific to Atari either, more of a representation of the era. If I start adding elements that are too recognizable I run the risk of distractions. As a side note: I am an avid collector of Atari games and systems.
  4. I'm hoping someone out there has an Atari XE game system they would like to sell. I'm only really interested if it's in great shape. I don't need the peripherals and the machine doesn't actually need to work. I plan on using it in an upcoming photo shoot. If you have one for sale let me know the price and send over a few pics if you can. I would really appreciate it.
  5. Currently watching the 200th episode of Cheers. Will it ever end!?

  6. Oddly enough I randomly picked a movie from Netflix titled "Battle Beyond the Stars" which is produced by Roger Corman also . . . Weird.

  7. I did it! I watched every single episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation in consecutive over.Ensign. Take us to Star Trek: Generations, warp seven. Engage.

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    2. ls650


      I never understood how Picard grew up on a vineyard in France, yet spoke with an English accent...

    3. Grig


      AIs650 - pure TV magic! Plus, ever heard an Englishman do a French accent? It would sound like John Cleese (I will taunt you a second time!)

    4. dustygraves.


      my fav episodes are the ones with Q in them) did you know that the actor who plays Q first showed up as a wierd character on days of our lives?

  8. Finally on the last season of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    1. Random Terrain
    2. jaybird3rd


      It was all a dream.

    3. A_Locomotive


      I want to buy the complete series someday, but gonna hold out till either the current one price drops dramatically or they release it in a way that isn't total shit like this one. http://www.amazon.com/Star-Trek-Next-Generation-Complete/dp/B000RZIGVS

  9. I'm starving, give me food!

  10. Updated the plugin to version 2.5.1 which flows better with the overall look of WordPress' dashboard widgets. Other updates include an enlarged AtariAge logo which is now a link directly to AtariAge and the logo no longer appears on the "configure" screen which was a mistake that I didn't notice initially. Overall this update is meant to comply with the latest version 3.2.1 and alters the aesthetics for a more pleasing layout. If anyone has suggestions on making this plugin better please let me know. Download the plugin here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/atariage-dashboard-feed/ View a screenshot here: http://www.doc4design.com/plugins/atariage-dashboard-feed/ ( screenshot will be updated on Friday )
  11. Just watched "Jason Goes To Hell" and it's not nearly as good as I remember. Okay, I'm still watching it actually, it's like it will never end.

  12. Just watched "Jason Goes To Hell" and it's not nearly as good as I remember. Okay, I'm still watching it actually, it's like it will never end.

  13. A.J., The font is called "Steeltongs" and I ran into randomly while mocking up the joke shirt. You can download it for free here: http://www.dafont.com/steeltongs.font
  14. Steve, Good points here, I agree the text should be white as well. As for the button placement, I'm going to try a version with the cord and see how that works out.
  15. It looks more like an Atari joystick that way. I understand why you want it front and center for design purposes, but I also think that having it on the left would/could/should work, because it would be asymmetrical, thereby calling attention to the fact that there's no matching red button on the other side-- which is the point of the message. But it's your design, so you should make it look however you want it to look. The rest of us are just "back seat designers." Michael Honestly it shouldn't look any more like an Atari Joystick with the button to the left, or centered for that matter, since the design itself is so iconic. Literally no other company made this style of controller if I'm not mistaken, meaning this shape will always be identified with either Atari, retro video games or hopefully video games as a whole (that last one might just be me hoping for a little too much in a world where the Playstation controller is more often used as an icon to identify games on phone screens and websites). Thoughts?
  16. Can someone explain the fascination with the red button off to the left? This has been mentioned several times and it would be good to have something more than you just "like it". Is this just how we are accustom to viewing it in advertisements or something more, since from the shirt design perspective the onlooker is 'in a sense' watching someone else play a game. The current thought is that we want to bring the viewers attention directly toward the joystick button and follow up by leading the eye into the text. I opted against the obvious decision of making the word "RED" actually red since this would detract from our main focal point, the red button which is smaller than the text itself. This is art, and it's all subjective so feel free to contradict this.
  17. I do agree with the rationale for putting it "front and center" since it's tied to the slogan, but it also disturbs me since that's not how one would hold the joystick from the perspective you're looking at. Maybe if there was a cord coming out of the proper corner to orient the joystick it wouldn't disturb me. ..Al Al, I like it. A cord could really add something extra to the layout, especially in terms of curves. I've already got it planned out, I'll start working on it as soon as I can.
  18. SeaGtGruff, That's really interesting you mentioned this. My first reaction was to place the button in the upper left corner as well but from a design perspective we end up loosing visibility and the main focus is on the "red button". It really needed to be front and center.
  19. Syzygyst, You are correct, I used a mint condition CX-40 for reference and noticed the rubber was slightly tilted. I wanted to maintain a little realism, not to mention the perfect alignment was crazy symmetrical. I will more than likely tilt the hex a little more to help balance the design properly.
  20. Recently updated the AtariAge Dashboard Feed plugin for WordPress. This is version 2.0 and works with WordPress 2.7 - 2.9.2 at this time. If you need a version for 2.7 and under download the 1.0 version from WordPress Extend. This latest release makes a few aesthetic updates to the fonts in an effort to better match the WordPress dashboard. In addition I have included a configure button to adjust the number of feeds viewed, and whether or not the date and excerpt should be shown. Please let me know if you find any errors and I will fix them as soon as possible. More information can be found at the official plugin page.
  21. We have uploaded a new version of the DC Dragonfire font as a TrueType file (.ttf) which will work on both Mac and PC. Also note there was an issue with the uppercase "A" that has been corrected. If you have an older version please delete it and download the new file. Thanks go out to Michael for making note of this.
  22. Updated the Atariage Dashbord Plugin for WordPress 2.8+ AtariAge Dashboard Plugin Please leave a comment either here or at Doc4: Plugin Page if you have any problems. The plugin currently states compatibility to 2.8.2 but because WordPress 2.8.3 & 2.8.4 were only security alterations the plugin works fine.
  23. We are officially releasing the Imagic font "DCDragonfire" used to design the Imagic video game artwork as seen in the Activision Anthology collections. This font has variations included in both the upper and the lowercase letters due to the oddities such as the "N" which appears in two different styles. Additionally we have included several Imagic character icons to increase the size of the set. The Activision Anthology was initially released in 2002 with several additional releases cover other systems and eventually including the Imaic game collection via the Playstation Portable. Doc4's ( previously AtariCart ) artwork reconstruction was utilized for both the original Atari 2600 Activision and Imagic game collections within the Anthology. We hope that you enjoy this font release and please leave a comment. In the coming months we will be releasing our second retro font titled "8-bitAlbert" which is dedicated to our host Albert Yarusso to remind me, personally that I was pressured into creating it. Thanks and enjoy: DCDragonfire
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