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  1. If it accepts 110V/60Hz as input, there's no reason a standard power chord wouldn't work.
  2. You can go above 1A, it's 9V that mustn't be exceeded. I use a 7.5V transformer, but it's plugged to the batteries contacts, not the normal psu socket.
  3. Could be good to use an oled panel like one of these http://www.engadget.com/2010/09/27/lumiotecs-oled-lighting-panel-gets-video-reviewed-throws-down/ Need to wait until it's less expensive though I'd like to try the led trick myself, do you have any recommendation on the led wavelength, light intensity?
  4. that's a nice dongle you designed there wookie. Build it or buy it, that's good to have updated tools.
  5. I think using the tube helps having a more uniform light, if you check some mods done on gamegear you can see a brighter spot on each side of the screen.
  6. A long time ago, I beat Blue lightning Chips challenge Gates of Zendocon Ninja gaiden Rygar (I don't remember it being that hard, but it becomes quickly repetitive) Slime world Toki Xenophobe I never managed to beat the last level of rampart, went close a few times though.
  7. Toki sounds like the arcade game (well it's more lynxish of course, but the tunes are the same).
  8. The problem with hand soldering is time. -- Karri Well if you just want to make a few cards, time isn't the issue, I'd say making the pcb is near impossible at home, you need a professional for that, especially if you want gold plated contacts (I ordered some cards without the plating, they work great but they'll probably need cleaning in the future).
  9. Congratulations Wookie, these pages are cristal clear and with the schematics it's really easy to understand how the lynx works.
  10. I suppose He meant you can use any ram address (16bit) for the display buffer.
  11. If there's nothing else in the rom but decryption stuff, would it be useful to develop a free version of it for the emulators ?
  12. Wow ! Congratulations, I've been following this thread since the beginning and it's a big step for the lynx scene.
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