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  1. Maybe just have a panel on the back that slides or rotates up to support the top of the overlay.
  2. Maybe something detachable that can support the top of the overlay?
  3. A commented ROM disassembly of Tarmin would be great. I was thinking of making an ACC version of it with better graphics but it's hard without something to start with.
  4. Question: how do you manage to handle the disc with microswitches? Are you using DPDT switches? For instance, just to get 8 directions requires a DPDT switch on at least two of the cardinal directions.
  5. The ACC has a bidirectional parallel port. You could connect that, I would think.
  6. I've made a small addition to the code. Now, you can link sprites by specifying 255 as the Y position. When this is set, the sprite's X position specifies the index of the "parent" sprite. A sprite linked in this way will take on the size and position of its parent. This lets you easily implement multicolored sprites since you only need to set the position and size of the parent to affect all of the sprite's constituent parts. Note that you can't daisy-chain sprites with this method: it only follows the link once, so if you have multiple child sprites they all have to be linked to the same parent. I also updated the documentation to match. Advanced Console Component 20220410.zip
  7. I think it needs to be more forgiving with the saw blades. It looks like you die if you touch any part of the rectangle even if there's no blade there.
  8. AFAIK they'll be out of money in six months. Then it will be dead.
  9. Still working on a second spare unit, though it's been going slow due to this neck injury (had an MRI today and yeah, there's a problem, including pinched nerves). When it's done I'll have two units that I can send for free to anyone who's interested in developing for them (I don't want them to just sit on a collector's shelf).
  10. I haven't preordered anything, choosing to take a wait-and-see approach, yet they still send me emails. I'd very much like to know how they got my email and who gave it to them.
  11. After the Groovybee debacle I soured on pre-ordering so I didn't preorder the Amico. I have no idea how much the preorder was, but if it's $100 or so that would probably cover the parts to build an ACC instead. At least that's a real thing and it's easy to build. Seriously, it is. Just remember to thoroughly clean your flux residue with alcohol afterward.
  12. I've started on another spare unit using my last spare cartridge board (I had a total of three cartridge boards and five mainboards: the cartridge boards were from OSH park for the gold-plated contacts and the main boards were from JLC PCB for the much lower cost). At present assembly of the unit is on hold until I can recover from an acute neck strain issue (I'm typing this in a great deal of pain).
  13. It would have to be an FPGA or CPLD for that, both of which are beyond my skills. That said, I designed it so that it's entirely old-school through-hole construction to lower the required assembly skill set as much as possible.
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