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  1. Been sitting on this for a while. The movement logic had some bugs that would let you walk through walls under certain circumstances. This fixes those bugs. raycast_20200709.zip
  2. What happens if you replace CALL BUG with B BUG and replace JR R5 with a direct jump back to the loop?
  3. raycast_20200614.zip Many, many speed improvements to the CS version. With some more changes, this could eventually support larger maps. For instance, Wolf3d maps are 64x64 in size.
  4. I've started looking at the Wolfenstein 3D source to try to understand how software sprites are done. It seems to be computationally expensive so keeping it fast will be tricky. I also looked at a ton of Wolf3D gameplay videos to understand what features are desirable. First I think I need to try to squeeze as much speed out of this new implementation as I can.
  5. I was thinking about artag's DDA algorithm posts and something finally clicked. I decided to take another whack at it, and the result is fantastic. No more missing areas at corners, the code is tiny, simple, and maybe twice as fast! raycast_20200419.zip
  6. raycast_20200418.zip Reworked a lot of code and made many speed improvements to the colored-squares version.
  7. raycast_20200413.zip I found that simply changing some constants allows me to dither the wall or ceiling, so that allows some more variation. I've also increased the unit height of walls from 8 to 36 (the height when the wall is exactly one unit away from the viewer). This makes walls appear square, which makes them look a lot better when dithered. It would also be necessary if/when I add texture mapping. Also managed to eke out a little more speed from the engine to try to make up for the overhead from dithering. Getting more speed is important since texture mapping would add even more overhead.
  8. raycast_20200407.zip Fixed a crash that arises if you lower the maximum view distance. Added support for different ceiling and floor colors, and added support for dithering the walls.
  9. I've started thinking about how to do it, but in the meantime here's the slidey-slidey update. Now if you run into a wall you'll slide along it instead of just stopping. This would have been a necessary feature regardless. raycast_20200406.zip
  10. I've posted a raycasting engine in the programming forum...
  11. raycast_20200313.zip Even MORE speed, fixed a crash, and it takes less space.
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