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  1. Canceled a international bid, back down to $81.00
  2. I have a vhs copy from 1995 sealed and mint. Do you still need a copy?
  3. Chris, where in Michigan do you live? I am originaly from Charlevoix. I have over 100 views on this game and around 20 watchers. The higest bidder is from Spain and I only ship to the USA. The second higest bidder who pushed it up over 100.00 dollars has 0 feedback. These are the annoying parts of selling on Ebay....
  4. Thanks for the bid sir! Do I see 105.00???? Going once....
  5. Help me get some hard to find N64 games like Super Smash Brothers for my boy Mason, and Conker's Bad Fur Day for me! Bid if you want a nice copy of tooth protectors. Thanks! eBay Auction -- Item Number: 230576026360
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