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  1. Hi , Thank Trebor , but i have already found , i can not edit my old posts (restriction when new users ?!) Crazy otto , Piranha : I'll put them on the test list
  2. Ah no : Is just for me , I don't modif the code of others romhackers for SHARE IT . I respect the works of others romhackers
  3. Thank you , but I have already select this version , I know have many improvements , I search stand-alone versions of games rooted out "pac-man collection" , If not exists , I will hack to make stand-alone versions myself (I'm a romhacker) I can't edit my old posts , just the last of my posts (restriction for new member ??) : For Pac-Man JR Plus it's good I find it , he is in Pac-Man JR (pad2 + pause)
  4. After test and research , I have kept : Ports of official games: Pac-man * Pac-Man Plus (same maze, new gameplay) * Miss Pac-Attack (news mazes, same gameplay) (7800's name of Ms Pac-Man Plus) * Jr Pac-Man (wides mazes with scrolling) Super Pac-Man (add keys and doors) Baby Pac-Man (mix pinball and video game) I need to test again: Pac-Man Arrangement (mazes of "pac-man arrangement") Hacks Ms Pac-Man Twist (port of a 2pl simultaneously old arcade bootleg) Hacks plus mode Jr Pac-Man Plus Ms Pac-Man Plus (Ms Pac-Man with plus mode) * Miss Pac-Attack Plus * Compil: Pac-Man Collection * they are in the Pac-Man Collection PS: The 320's are good , but I prefer without scrolling ------------------------------------- And I don't find Jr. Pac-man PLUS : I don't find : Pac-Man Pac-man Plus Jr. Pac-man Plus Ms Pac-man plus (it exists ?) Ms Pac-attack plus (it exist ?)
  5. The rom have New Puck-X maze , not the maze of the screenshot , where is the rom with original maze ? Edit : I read the manual , for choice original maze is with switch , but it does not work to choice maze with switch (I use emulator pro system 1.3) RE Edit: Ok I find , you have to keep "switch left" pressed and press "button 1" BUT is not a right port , at the end of the levels the maze changes
  6. I have download the rom of Pac-Man plus But ... i have not the original maze of pac-man Where is the rom of "Pac-Man Plus" with original maze ? And the port of "Pac-Man" with original maze, he exist ? (I know are on Pac-man Collection , but I prefer a stand-alone rom)
  7. Hi , I look PAC-MAN games's hacks/homebrews , but the list is huge What are the best hacks/homebrews of PAC-MAN games for 7800 ?
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