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  1. I left the atari scene in 1990 when all the support evaporated. I got to miss all those rants.
  2. See disk 312 http://www.mushca.com/f/atari/index.php?idx=7 Thats the old version of BT. Its very basic compared to Ken's Beef Drop.
  3. How do I do this. I tried to boot from a floppy to access the HD, but I am still unable to see anything on the Megafile. I tried to create a boot floppy with AHDI.prg, cache064.prg and foldr100.prg in the AUTO folder of the floppy. The HD still gets booted. I tried holding Alt. during boot but that did not change the results.
  4. Hi guys, I just got a Megafile 30 and am trying to boot it on my Mega ST. When I try to boot it I get: This cycles through and reboots constantly. What does this mean? What do I need to do to fix it. I also have a FA*ST HD. The drive does not boot anymore and there is no drive recognized. It worked at first, but did some reboots for a while and now there is no drive recognized during a boot. Any help would be great. Is the FA*ST havea SCSI inside? I just wanted to know if there is anything I needed to do before I crack it open. Thanks
  5. How do I access these files? It does not look like I can copy them?
  6. yes, the 810 is sssd. The disks are backwards compatible. They should have only one notch if they are new. If you notch the opposite side, you can turn them flip them to use both sides. Hence, they are sometimes called flippies instead of floppies.
  7. My brother used Basic XE to create a tetris game. He released it to the local BBSs in Houston. It might still be floating around. I will have to find it in the 4 cases of disks I have. It may be in a mixture of ATR8000, xf551, or 1050 disks. I have just restarted to use the systems since buying MyIDE and SIO2PC interfaces. Just found it. It runs kinda slow and has to be run with Bxe extensions.
  8. Boxed systems that are older seem to command a higher price. I got a 800 loose for $10 with shipping it was $30. I just saw a 800 boxed go for $100+. The 400 is more common so it probably be lower. It just depends on what people are willing to pay.
  9. I consider it very generous of you. I remember a few years a when I heard of the original CC and it was OOS. I am glad I can get a CC2. I did not even know I missed out on the 1st run. I would have been interested in the Intellivision version you had.
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