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  1. What sucks is that I think that the store that had one that worked REALLY good on CDs just went out of business a few months ago. So now I'm shit out of luck sitting here with this scratched ass Vagrant Story. :<
  2. Do people care if a game is refinished? Don't see why that would lower the value so long as the game is working. *shrugs* It kind of sucks that we've yet to find a way to actually add the layer back to a disc. This is why I don't generally collect disc games. : /
  3. There was a place with a machine that made them look new (that or they just always had new looking ps1 games), but unfortunately they closed down. Maybe I should give the car wax method a shot? Hrm. :/
  4. So before I get to the problem, yes, I did have the game buffed with a professional buffing machine... Twice. I don't know if the people running these stores just don't know what they're doing, or if maybe I'm just being anal. So I got this copy of Vagrant Story. It's meant to be sold as I already have a copy (a few extra dollars never hurts), but I wanted to get it buffed since it was a little rough looking. I went to a small local place and had it buffed. It looked fine after the initial buff, but when I got home I could loads of hair line scratches. They're not deep scratches at all, and the game plays, but again this one is going to be sold. So, a little annoyed I headed to a local Play N Trade, figuring maybe their machine was better. Got it buffed, got home, still has the goddamn scratches. I'll try to post a pic to give you a little more detail. Does anyone know how to get these tiny scratches off? I'm just trying to give the game that new look again. I really don't want to try buffing again, because as you all know you can only do that so many times before the game is permanently damaged. Help me Atari Age, you're my only hope!
  5. I decided to ask here since I haven't been able to find out anywhere else. What engine is this game using? Right now I'm feeling like it's using the 3D World engine but expanded. In some aspects it looks like a UE4 game, kind of like the new Kingdom Hearts but with lower res textures. It's kind of weird, but I like it. You can tell on the city level and forest level that the game engine wasn't built for realism. The Mexico style world looks amazing, though. It's like a weird step in between last gen and current gen. Looks great though, I cannot wait.
  6. I don't trust this, as it doesn't seem to have a ventilation area on the top... Which would be bad...
  7. I think they've done an okay job if keeping bad games off of their online stores so far so I guess we'll see.
  8. I suspect that Nintendo won't be against a lot of mobile games coming to the system, though I'm betting they'll filter out a lot of the bad stuff. I'm still not sure where I fall on this system. I really want it to do well because I'm a big fan of Nintendo. And I do think it will do a LOT better than the Wii U simply because this system will have the full support of ALL of Nintendo's internal development. Not having to develop for a handheld AND a console is a pretty big boon for them. I hope Nintendo can at least get some third parties on board. There's potential for a console that's mobile. I hope it's powerful enough to get reasonable ports of many third party games. Another thing I wonder about is if this system will be iterative. Will we see a Switch V2 in the future with better hardware? Then maybe a Switch V3 a few years later with even better hardware? Mobile tech is advancing at an insane pace, so if they find success with this platform I see no reason for them to not upgrade it every few years.
  9. Hello my long lost freind, where hast though gone?

  10. I used to have a program that I could add games to, and see the game, system, values, etc. Does anything like that still exist today? I'd like to try to keep track of my collection and see what it's currently worth. Thanks!
  11. This month has been kind to me so far. There's a little writing on the side of the N64 carts, but I don't really consider that damage since it can be removed (if you're anal enough). Got them for like $7 each. Really proud of Ogre Battle 64.
  12. Yup, some Gamestops were confused, but they're free and you don't need to sign up. Anyway, this game is pretty deep. The more I read about it the more I want it. Lol
  13. I think the problem is that it's another rail shooter. I remember when it was announced that the Wii was getting a Dead Space game everyone was pretty hyped (accept for a few people who only like HD games). Then, not long after, once it was announced that it was a rail shooter, there was a huge shit storm. People are tired of half assed efforts, and want real games. Also keep in mind that EA tried to sell this game at $50 with no advertising. Considering Resident Evil 4 did 1.5 million on the Wii, I'd be willing to bet that if Dead Space Extraction was a third person game like the original, it would have done a LOT better. I know I'd have bought it.
  14. http://wii.ign.com/dor/articles/983576/n-s...eos/nside3.html Looks really good and accurate.
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