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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays Johnny.

    Here's wishing your family the best in 2010.

    Be well my friend, it is good to hear from you. -Ant

  2. Well here are the chip Serial#'s. I havent a clue what they mean as far as if they are real or bootlegs but if anyone can make heads or tails of them, please enlighten us.
  3. Ant old buddy....Merry Christmas! Miss you buddy hope all is well.

  4. I have this problem sometimes. I usually keep trying and eventually one "catches" and then it works fine for the rest of a session of gaming for various carts being inserted. I usually have to slam the cart in with more force than you would want to though. In and out a few times usually works. It seems to have to click snug in place and then decides to work. not that I can explain why but thats how it is for me sometimes. I have also noticed that the cart slot has a lot of "play" in the slot sometimes and sometimes its more snug, thats when it starts working but the why it doesnt fit snug everytime is a mystery to me as I see no reason for it. I think its just a common thing for the jag. Goodluck with it and have fun.
  5. You all are having a Gamma party and didn't invite me? LMAO! I'm not sure whats going on here but good luck and Merry Christmas to all. As far as A: he wouldn't have made a dime this century off the game if I didn't find it because he only knew anyone was interested after being tracked down and initially from what I understand, he didn't want to be bothered about it. B: I asked him questions about the game and asked to prove he was the creator and he either didn't reply or answered in one sentence answers that didn't shed much light and made me think he was just a guy trying to lay claim to the game that was not copyrighted when we made the repros. I told Bob if he could prove to me he was who he said he was, maybe we can work out something since the wheels were already in motion on the repro and money had already been spent to make them. He decided to ignore me and then tried to sell the code at $50 a pop after we released it online here on AA. Also he was asking like $150 for a repro that day. I'm not bad mouthing him as he couldn't know what to expect and had only the talk of the original to go by. I'm just saying if he was straight with me, it could went down different. I made about 900$ off of it when all was said and done. I preserved the code and I got copies into gamers hands. If he wants to sue me for $900, go ahead and get in line behind the rest of my bills. I hope you sell a million worth Bob. I bought labels so I could have something to remind me of the original and I'm happy with that and I'm very happy to whom I sold the original to as well. I dont know whats going on with this copy of the game and I hope it gets sorted and everyones happy but for the people that seem to think this game was a hoax from the beginning because either they want to or cant read fully, please Wonder, please tell everyone here if you have the real deal or not. I wanna hear you say it because I have heard that BS since I found it from various members at various times and It would be nice to have it on the record as a point of reference if it comes up again. You know one cant win when they find something like this. If they dont release the ROM, then they are hated on for "hoarding the ROM" and if they do release it, they get hated on by the rest for trying to offset some value loss in releasing the ROM by selling repros which were in high demand. If I wasn't involved in Repros, Hozer would have been as they are now if I just released it to the public and Bob still woulda had this problem. I asked Bob to talk to me and explain some things. For whatever reason, he didn't want to discuss it leaving me the impression he was someone just trying to get in on the repros that had nothing to do with the game. I have the saved PMs of the questions I asked him and only 1 or 2 that he replied to saved as well. Wonder has seen at least one. I think he would say I tried to figure out what ws going on and if Bob was legit at the time. Anyhow, good luck with the sale Bob. on another note, theres so many homebrews that have come out that I cant afford this year... That sucks big chocolate salty balls! Just had to vent for a second. I hope you all have a merry Christmas and next time theres a Gamma party, I need an invite. Cheers
  6. Hey thanks for all the help fellas. It is much appreciated. Hope you all had a fine Thanksgiving. Thanks again for all the help
  7. well if you can tell me how else to tell the difference between the real article and the repros that these would be on, then sure. But you are saying sell them like that and then 5 more people claim they have a real one 2 years from now after theyve been sold and resold. I could care less. The bastard in me says let there be fakes now that I dont own one but the collector in me says that it is wrong and isnt fair to the people whom purchased real ones for large sums. Sure put them together, some new fakes with real labels, just affix them solidly to colored cartridges. Blue, red, Green, whatever. Then again, do whatever you thinks best. Let there be fraud, who cares anyway. Ive had to sell not only this but many rare CIBs as well and Im about fed up with the whole collecting thing besides the fact that its taking away from my playing time worrying about dumb shit like this all the time isntead of just playing the games. You want fakes to become even more prevalant? Then make repros with real labels...it's simple. Cheers Mickey
  8. No, none aside from your broadband bill. You can play games against one another. I sold one of these adapters NIB for $60 earlier this year (I have the slim model with net adapter built-in). Yes, you both need to have a copy of the game and an internet connection. It's pretty easy to figure out--I play lots of NHL2K online. Thanks much for the help. So no extra fees but how does our systems recognize each other? We sign up for a free acct or somethin? Find each other in a lounge like? Do I need any disc to setup the internet stuff or do I just plug into our ISP's with phone lines and it is self explanatory after we connect? Thanks again for all your help and sorry if these sound like dumb questions.
  9. Hi gang. Was wondering if someone would kindly tell me what I need to do to use 2 network adapters from differing households? Is there any monthly fees for this service? The issue I have is my PS2 has a network adapter but I bought it that way and never used it. Now my daughter wanted a PS2 for Xmas and again I got her a used one with a network adapter unintentionally. So I am debating whether to keep them so I can play vs my daughte from time to time whic is what I assume I can do with these, or detach them both and sell them to recoup some badly needed cash as seeing they go for around $45 each. If there are no additional monthly fees and setup and connecting to my daughters system via the internet is easy enough to do for a schmuck like me, then I would like to put them to use so any help with info and helping me decide what to do is greatly appreciated. BTW, do we both need the same disc of game inserted when trying to play vs each other? Thanks again for any info and here's wishing all of AA's members a happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season in general. Cheers
  10. No biggie. I lauhged with it but yes, however indirect or non-intentional, when a comment makes me into possibly a fraud, I do get a bit miffed. I failed to mention the one thing that assures the one I found was legit, the labels! I would have had to have a mylar repro done of a game I had never seen to have pulled off a fake. Sadly there are labels left that could be used for fakes and thats a shame. When I said hole-punch them, I meant it. It doesnt have to be a huge whole but something to make them differ and not ruin the mystique of this wonderful game and though I no longer own the original, I am quite proud to have preserved and released the ROM to the masses after all those years and to have rediscovered it in general. Anyhow congrats Dino, I'm glad you got it and the Manual is a nice touch. Cheers
  11. Thats if you ignore what the programmer/seller said.In fact its looks like it may be the other way around. The programmer said that the one Dino bought is from the original run,so its been established that Dinos is original so if Wonders is different then that may well be a knocked up one from somewhere else. Lauhgable. He admitted mine was one he had made when he was trackd down by AA members AFTER I found the ORIGINAL and I spent $$$$ of dollars on repros over the years from various AA members because I could make my own and conjure up ROMs with no skill but Im too lazy to make my own repros. Seriously if this comment wasnt so silly, I would be offended. Besides when I found it, this creator hadnt probably touched an atari game in 15+ years but I must have found a repro someone made in 1983 and all the others originals got trashed. LMFAO!HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  12. One of the nicest Looking sealed games I have ever bought. Nice touch! Now to figure out how to play the game whilst keeping it sealed, LOL! Excellent Work! Thank you Jose, it made my shitty month, not so shitty.
  13. Is that my original screenshot being used?! Thats copyrighted material! Just kiddin. Isn't that what you described before as a "test cart"? And what does that mean exactly? As far as the extra labels you have go, You can easily turn the rarest game into an also ran if you sell these original labels separate or at least give the proverbial "camels nose under the tent" to chances at forgery's in the future. I am no technical guy but I assume you could tell from opening up the cart if others popped up? I would put a whole puncher thru the remainder labels so you don't turn the rarest game into a joke down the road. Unless you can think of a better idea of how to make them discernible from the only 2 that are known to exist. Selling the labels the way they are leaves the door open to fraud is all I'm saying and as Jose finally pointed out, I no longer have a dog in this fight. Just a few thoughts I thought I'd share since I've been following the whole renewed Gamma threads. Good luck to all. Gamma Rules! Cheers
  14. Wow they look sweet. When I get my shat together I will definitely be getting a few of my systems modded. Nice looking work. Cheers
  15. Nut? No nut, they screw right on the shaft with no other modifications, snug. If there was a nut, don't ya think I would have mentioned that? It would be a separate piece wouldn't it? I couldn't be more descriptive in my initial post. Goodluck with it
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