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  1. Personally I like games that are a mishmash of mechanics so I don't like to see ANY type of game disappear. I enjoy hot messes localized by Atlus where you have to plan tower defense, then when your guy fights, it's a tetris head to head clone, and moving from level to level is a driving sequence and the key to winning is spreading your resources evenly between the styles. I even like a few "bad" mechanics like quicktime events and such as long as they're not overused or supercrucial to success.
  2. Mmm, yeah. "Folk music" can be performed on softly strummed acoustics with a capo and a mandolin lead by superficial, pop-culture obsessed urban youth while untutored rustics in the high hills can create challenging electronic noise on a laptop to express the values of their rural culture and the pain of losing their traditional way of life but the first cd will be the one that gets filed under "folk"
  3. As a DM I always like to add recently-messed with scenery and details to add realism like... traps that are already sprung with or without victims, signs of previous fights, bloodstains, pre-plundered areas, even other adventurers down there, to alleviate the sense that the dungeon was a set piece that was frozen in time before the party went in. A lot of the old modules had sentences like "before noon, the goblins are usually found in the romper room ball pit, unless the trap in area 3 has been activated, in which case they can be found in area 17 brushing their teeth; after noon they take nappies in area 19" which, if you actually followed them, made figuring out who was where a lot more complicated but did add realism. I don't really remember a whole lot of monsters that had no life other than sitting around waiting for their door to get kicked in, or treasure that was hidden in impractical ways. Treasure was usually hidden in places where someone would semi-logically have stashed it.
  4. I love overthinking video game/fiction/RPG setups and especially how Dungeons and Dragons kind of tried to explain some of the idiosyncrasies of the existence of a "Dungeon" by making up monsters that dug the tunnels, spread the stuff around, cleaned it up, etc. A whole 'dungeon ecology' that did, or was supposed to, explain what was going on when the 'heroes' weren't there trying to stab everybody and take their stuff. So yah those monsters were in some kind of biological or magical STASIS bro. or those are their sleeping chambers and they're trying to catch a nap. I always imagined that if I was an evil necromancer out in my castle full of minions & stuff I'd just leave one floating platform out. Just... one. You fight your way through all 9 levels of action & terror and then there's just oooooonnnne impossible jump that looks doable. Just a pixel short of possible. I'd sit there eating popcorn & shucking kittens (gotta stay evil) and watch them try and make the jump.
  5. I've beaten GnG and gotten pretty far in battletoads, but I kind of agree GnG was no longer really "fun" at all by that point and perfect runs on Contra are still fun. And the Gaidens are really fun despite being very difficult. Contra at least, usually, you could crawl through at your own pace, whereas say the some of the boss fights in Gaidens are just frantically paced and that's it. Then there are games like Battle of Olympus, Deadly Towers, Zelda 2, Blaster Master - moderate "action difficulty" but stretched out across larger game worlds which are not terribly linear. in some senses just as "hard" esp before walkthroughs. Ed: spelling
  6. Love SF1 and 2, and Shining in the Darkness is good for what it is. As good as any other of those PCish dungeon crawlers on consoles, anyway. I really enjoy how Slade comes along with the party to save the world after it's his fault and only his fault in the first place.
  7. Sheez the Gaidens are wayyy more demanding but DOABLE if you are a real psychotic. I got really good at 2 for a while there. I would agree that Contra is the easiest of the NES games that is known for being hard, yes. And honestly the difficulty curve, not the overall difficulty, is the battletoads problem. It just hits a cliff at the hoverboards; if that one section was toned down a bit it would've let kids get more practice on the Snake type platform and subsequent stuff. You just got to those levels so rarely as a kid so you couldn't memorize them well. I think GnG pretty much deserves its reputation tho. Controls, sprite sizes, hit detection, your puny weapons, the red devils requiring so many hits..
  8. whoa I used to have Heiankyo on GB.. never got far, such a weird title. Haven't seen it or heard it mentioned since.
  9. but I was definitely super pumped the first time I did it. I called literally everyone in my phone at 4am ish to let them all know. This was before widespread texting really... my friend Jordan was like "gg..h.. h.. ..hh..wh? hello who is this? .. you .. what? huh? oh.. oh my god dude that's so cool. I'm seriously so glad you called me."
  10. Yeah I agree Contra isn't really in the top ten roughest titles; but it is a good mix of fairly difficult and tons of fun. I've no-deathed it four or five times and otherwise tend to get hit once or so. Once you're done memorizing everything really for me only the basic "football uniform" aliens offer any threat because their actions are more random. Of course, I always get and keep spread and R so; perfect runs with other weapons would be a lot tougher. Austin; what do you mean by looping? The game starts over, but harder? I never noticed that.
  11. Upside: attention paid to the Atari. I never lost faith regarding the landfill either. It's a cute story and honestly nice to have a little controversy about a dusty old cart.
  12. I hated how he sold off his GI joes in 40 year old virgin. Like... the guy 'came out of his shell' and such but he didn't have to get rid of everything. I guess it didn't really show in the movie whether he really wanted to himself or not.
  13. I think the 7800 didn't succeed like it could have partially because it didn't differentiate itself enough from the 26? It wasn't a new company, a very different looking console, etc? Nintendo was new and novel. And the 7800 didn't have a first party IP mascot like big N had Mario, Gen had sonic, SMS had... Alex Kidd... hehe. So it came off as old hat I think. And I'd guess that hurt developer interest. I also think that although it did have a D-Pad, it shipped with sticks and maybe that was also a kind of outdated image maybe.
  14. yeah obv. the hard plastic cases for SMS/GEN titles tend to stick around... INTV boxes were pretty nice and I think they way most of them opened like a book kind of encouraged people to keep them more than ones that opened at the top maybe? I see way more INTV boxes retained than Atari boxes. Not that either are really 'common' in the wild.
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